As Regé-Jean Page Continues To Dominate The 007 Odds, Another Contender's Chances Are Getting A Surprising Boost

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The world of James Bond is currently focused on the awards season push that No Time To Die is enjoying, while also looking forward to the 60th anniversary celebration throughout this year. Of course, that’s in-between the occasional update to the betting odds for who could take over the role after Daniel Craig’s farewell movie. If you’re hot on Regé-Jean Page’s odds to become the next Bond, the numbers still support that scenario; while another contender’s chances are also getting a surprise boost. 

According to the new numbers coming out of betting firm Ladbrokes, the Bridgerton alum has maintained his frontrunner status. These new odds look similar to what we’ve been reporting in recent weeks. Except in this new update, Belfast’s Jamie Dornan has gotten a crucial leg up in the polls. 

Regé-Jean Page Is Still Tops, But Jamie Dornan Is Slowly Rising

When we last looked at the James Bond odds, Mr. Dornan was in a 12/1 tie with Idris Elba, so he was on the board. However, in this particular data set, the former Fifty Shades star sees himself breaking free of that coupling, and jumping ahead to 8/1. The field is pretty crowded this time out, so we’re going to break things down into two sections. Here’s where the current figures sit in the top portion of the competition:

  • Rege-Jean Page - 5/2
  • Tom Hardy - 7/2
  • Henry Cavill/James Norton - 5/1
  • Richard Madden - 7/1
  • Jamie Dornan - 8/1
  • Jamie Bell/Tom Hopper - 10/1
  • Idris Elba/Luke Evans/Riz Ahmed/Sam Heughan - 12/1
  • Henry Golding/Lashana Lynch - 14/1
  • Callum Turner - 16/1
  • Aidan Turner/Jack Lowden/Michael Fassbender/Tom Hiddleston - 20/1

Surprises continue to dot the landscape of the potential next age (you could take that as in era or actor age) of Bond. Frequent favorite, and absolutely willing participant should he be called upon to audition Henry Cavill is now tied with McMafia star James Norton, in a 5/1 odds showing. Meanwhile, Lashana Lynch and Michael Fassbender have resurfaced in the competition, with the entire 33/1 gang from our last update rising to 20/1. So who’s pulling up the rear in the race to be the latest face of Commander Bond? 

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As Mr. Dornan Climbs, The Back Bench Bond Brigade Beefs Up

Once again, the 33/1 odds have become a crowded race in and of themselves, with previous young Bond hopeful Tom Holland actually riding back into view. But surprise is still the name of the game, as you’ll see in the rest of the competitors named in the extended field of 007 hopefuls:

  • Cillian Murphy/Mahershala Ali - 25/1
  • Charlie Hunnam/Daniel Kaluuya/Harry Styles/Jonathan Majors/Kit Harington
  • Theo James/Thoren Ferguson/Tom Bateman/Tom Holland - 33/1
  • Ioan Gruffudd - 40/1
  • Martin Compston/Nicholas Hoult/Paul Bettany/Tom Burke - 50/1
  • Benedict Cumberbatch - 66/1
  • Robert Webb - 100/1

While these outsiders range from familiar contenders like Cillian Murphy, former Fantastic Four lead Ioan Gruffudd, and even Benedict Cumberbatch himself, there are still some quite surprising additions. Most notably, the previously disappeared Tom Holland, as well as fellow MCU cast members Harry Styles and potential big bad Jonathan Majors, have all entered the once more stacked 33/1 field. 

Come to think of it, a good majority of that entire standing is made up of Marvel stars; which only makes us question just how many of them could actually take on the commitment of James Bond? Maybe some of those candidates have shorter contractual agreements than others, but that's the sort of intel you'd need to be a secret agent to dig up.  

Naturally, no official decisions have been made as to who will be the next James Bond. Per EON Productions gatekeepers Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, that search should start at some point this year. But for now, it’s still the time to pay your final respects to the Daniel Craig era of 007, and celebrate where the franchise is as it starts to commemorate six decades of entertainment. Part of that commemoration is in the home video release of No Time To Die, which is currently available on physical and digital media

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