Bam Margera Reportedly Spotted At Bar Following Departure From Rehab

Bam Margera in Jackass 3D
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The long road of former Jackass star Bam Margera continues to find new twists and turns to take. The performer has been in and out of rehab in Florida more than once in the last year, but his exits at least previously, have not been sanctioned, and now it seems he has left rehab yet again.

TMZ has pictures that reportedly show Bam Margera in a bar in Sarasota in the early hours of Monday morning. This would be Margera’s third exit from rehab since June. The two previous times he was returned to the facility, but according to TMZ sources Margera is crashing at the home of a friend. He’s also apparently met with a lawyer with a goal of getting out of his court ordered rehab.

Back in early 2021 when the fourth Jackass movie was getting underway, it was revealed that Bam Margera would not be part of it. Margera actually sued the production over his exclusion, claiming he was forced under duress to sign an agreement that he would remain sober. When he reportedly violated the agreement he was dropped from the film. 

Bam Margera has spent most of the time since the lawsuit was filed in court ordered rehab in Florida. Initially, earlier this year, it looked like Margera was doing well in rehab. The lawsuit against the Jackass production was settled and Bam Margera posted videos of himself working out on the “road to recovery.” 

However, at some point after that, something went sideways, because after things were looking good, they seemingly fell apart.  More than once this summer Margera left the rehab facility and went missing. One assumes that the treatment center will report Margera missing yet again, at which point, if he can be found, he will be returned by police, which has happened before. 

Margera is involved in another legal dispute while all this is going on. He’s dealing with a custody battle with his wife Nikki Boyd over visitation of their son Phoenix. She has asked for full custody and that Margera gets only supervised visits. Boyd’s side also wants to coordinate visitation with the rehab facility, but Margera apparently does not wish to wait for that.

Margera has reportedly not spoken to his estranged wife or his child since returning to rehab in June. He has also allegedly cut off communication with his own parents. There are clearly people that want to see him get better. Jackass co-star Steve-O has said removing him from the Jackass movie, and trying to get him to stay sober for it, was all meant as a sign a love because everybody wanted to see Bam get better.  This almost certainly will not be the last chapter of this story. Hopefully, this will eventually have a happy ending for Bam Margera.

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