Ben Affleck And Jennifer Lopez Finally Settle On Pricy LA Mansion, And I'm A Little Disappointed In The Number Of Bathrooms

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck at the 2023 Grammys
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Following a wedding, blending their families, and a fairly extensive house hunt, Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have finally found their home. We’ve known about the couple’s home search since last March when they looked at a property with a whopping 17 bathrooms. Sadly, the house they landed on only has 13 bathrooms, however, it’s a stunning home that seems fit for one of Hollywood’s finest power couples. 

Bennifer are in escrow on a mansion in the Pacific Palisades at the moment, per TMZ. The site confirmed that the couple is in the final stages of buying their new home in Los Angeles, and it was a pretty penny too. The mansion was reportedly listed for $34.5 million, however, it’s unknown how much the couple paid, TMZ reports that it’s likely close to the listing price. 

The home is essentially brand new. It was built last year, and the seller described it as a traditional “Hamptons-style” home. This mansion has seven bedrooms and 13 bathrooms and sits on an acre of land. According to the article having this much land, is a rare find for the area they will live in. 

Not only will the house be big enough for their blended family, but it is also equipped with all the fun amenities you could wish for. The home has a gym, pool, wine cellar, health spa and screening room. 

While the price tag looks astronomical to us common folk, looking at the price range Bennifer was considering, and how much JLo sold her Bel-Air home for, this is actually a great deal. Per the article, the couple’s house hunt included properties that cost up to $85 million, and last summer it was rumored they had bought a house for $60 million. This place is a fraction of the cost. Affleck also sold his home in the Pacific Palisades last year for $28.5 million, and the pop star’s last home was listed for $42.5 million, so based on that income alone they can easily afford this new place. However, they have such sprawling and successful careers, they could likely put a down payment on the house even if they hadn’t already sold their last homes.

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Considering both Affleck and Lopez’s respective careers, and their wide price range during their house hunt, it is not a surprise they were able to afford this mansion for a cool $34.5 million. This year alone they’re probably both making a ton of money just off their movies on the 2023 film schedule, not to mention JLo has an album on the way

So, while I’m a little bummed this mansion doesn't have 17 bathrooms, it seems like a great fit for the couple and their family. It’s also impressive they were able to find such a beautiful home on the lower end of their budget (but don't get me wrong, it's still wicked expensive). Now, they just have to get through escrow and their house hunt will finally be over. 

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