Bruce Willis And His Wife Went Over The Top With Leather-Clad Photo Spread, And There Are Before And After Photos

Ever since it was announced that Bruce Willis had been diagnosed with Aphasia and would be retiring from acting, his wife Emma Heming Willis has been active about sharing snippets from their family life. She and her husband can often be seen spending time with their kids or out-of-doors at their Montana home. This week was a little different, as Emma showed off a leather-clad post where she and Bruce had gotten a little hot and heavy for a photo spread as newlyweds. It’s not their usual look, as the before and after photos show. 

The photoshoot was for W magazine, which is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Back in 2009, the couple agree to a photoshoot with the magazine, which the model and mom of two threw back to. At the time Bruce Willis and Emma Heming were newlyweds and the magazine captured their look in a glossy photo spread that included the actor shirtless and his wife in black fur and tall leather shoes and gloves. 

Usually when you see Emma Heming Willis these days her hair is free and down around her shoulders. She’s often caught in comfortwear like plaid and jeans – nothing like these tight, leather-heavy photos from their days past. She noted, however, that it took a lot to achieve that look, giving fans a rare glimpse at the behind-the-scenes. In the photo, she actually gave a lot of credit on Instagram to artist Stephane Marais for how things turned out. 

Emma Heming Willis clads herself in black makeup and leather for shoot with Bruce Willis.

(Image credit: Emma Heming Willis, Instagram)

Emma Heming was notably a model in her early career, so she should be used to makeup, faux hair, leather and such. Regardless, she still shared a fun "after" post of herself and her partner in their normal looks, which she referred to as "wholesome."  

Bruce and Emma Heming Willis, "wholesome."

(Image credit: Emma Heming Willis, Instagram)

Oh, and of course she threw in one more look at the couple on their property, kissing one another to boot. 

Bruce and Emma Willis kissing.

(Image credit: Emma Heming Willis, Instagram)

There's the plaid and long-haired look we're used to! Look, while social media can make it easy for influencers to show the wonderful moments of their lives, Emma Heming Willis has been candid about what's been going on in her marriage and family life as well. 

As noted prior, Willis has aphasia; it's been difficult on the family. However, Willis shared that Bruce's daughter from a prior marriage, Scout Willis, gave her some really good perspective on what the family as a whole has been going through. In a recent post, she noted Scout told her "grief is the purest form of love" and that's stuck with her over this past "summer of self-discovery."  She's also been candid about what Bruce Willis' diagnosis has meant and how it's been tough to balance his needs with her own. 

Willis has said she doesn't see herself as "any kind of hero," but it's still nice to see how supportive she and the family have been rallying around the famous Die Hard actor. And if that means sharing some sexually charged throwback photos from time to time, I'm here for that too. 

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