Chris Pratt Shares Jurassic World: Dominion Set Photo With His Team Of Stunt Doubles, But Which One Looks Like Him?

Chris Pratt giving an assured look in Jurassic World: Dominion.
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This summer is shaping up to be pretty huge for new movie releases and is set to include some legacy sequels for some iconic franchises. One of these is the upcoming Jurassic World: Dominion, which could potentially be the final chapter in the Jurassic saga. The movie is bringing back the original trio of the Jurassic Park films, which is something that's surely exciting for many fans. All the while, though, there were also a few Owen Gradys running around on set. Chris Pratt recently shared a behind-the-scenes photo that features himself alongside his team of stunt doubles, and I'm seriously wondering which one looks the most like him.

The Instagram photo really has me seeing four different versions of Owen Grady. You can check out the snapshot shared by Chris Pratt below, which is accompanied by an adorably caption from the action star:

The stunt doubles actually don’t bare too much of a resemblance other than when it comes to their clothing, Chris Pratt’s post still has me creeped out in the best way, though. They all even have a matching COVID mask in their grasp, so we know they were keeping safe on set. My favorite bit, though, has to be that the stunt guy on the far left appears to have the Guardians of the Galaxy star's hairstyle glued to his head.

I will admit that the double to Chris Pratt’s immediate left doesn’t quite hit the mark when it came to copying Owen Grady’s outfit to a tee. According to a commenter on the post, though, that’s actually because the man isn’t a stunt double but rather a stand-in for Pratt to get lighting and position correct in the actor’s absence. 

This makes a ton of sense, because the other two faux Owens both have a piece of cloth from a bandana wrapped around one of their hands. This makes me think that they were either about to film or had just finished shooting a scene in which the character either has a hurt hand or punches out a window or something when this photo was taken. Either way, I’ll be watching Jurassic World: Dominion with a hawk-like precision to locate the scene in which the stunt doubles could have been dressed for. And if I do have to have to name one true look-alike here, our guy on the right might be the closest.

While some actors, like Top Gun: Maverick’s Tom Cruise, are dedicated to doing their own stunts, Chris Pratt is one action star that doesn’t mind taking a back seat in that department. (Though he has no problem climbing into a LEGO dino's mouth on his own.) Some action stars believe that deferring to the professionals is the responsible way to go in order to ensure everyone’s safety and livelihood on the job. While Pratt has done some of his own stunts in the past, it looks like he has plenty of backup for those moments in which he needs support.

We’ll be able to see the fruits of that team’s labor when the many Owen Gradys become one and flee from dinosaurs in the finished film. Jurassic World: Dominion releases to theaters on June 9th, and I’m dying to see if I can make out any of the alter-Chris Pratts in the record breaking two-and-half-hour film - though, it’s doubtful we’ll be able to differentiate them at that point.

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