Christmas Vacation Stars Chevy Chase And Beverly D’Angelo Reunited, And There’s Video

Christmas Vacation
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National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation remains one of the greatest holiday comedy classics. Many remember the iconic performance by Chevy Chase, who slowly loses his mind as Clarke Griswold trying to prepare for Christmas. His wife, played by Beverly D’Angelo tries to remain calm as her husband fixates on his lights display, and his underwhelming Christmas bonus. This movie plays in the homes of many families this holiday season, and now D’Angelo and Chase are reuniting to give fans of their beloved characters yet another holiday treat. 

In a recent TikTok video posted by Chevy Chase himself, the Vacation star is joined by the beautiful D’Angelo, reprising their iconic duo status.  In a surprise appearance, Christie Brinkley also joins the two in the sweet holiday reunion. You can check out the video below:



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Chase also shared an adorable group picture from their reunion at the Monroeville Convention Center. The three look as happy as can be, which is a departure from the less-than-happy Griswalds at their disaster Christmas. You can see the cute Instagram below:

For those who may have forgotten, Brinkley does not make an appearance in Christmas Vacation, however she does play a role in the film's predecessor National Lampoon’s Vacation. The film is notable in its own right, and sparked other spin-off films like European Vacation and Vegas Vacation. While Christmas Vacation remains the audience favorite, that doesn’t stop us from having fond memories of Brinkley from the original film. Based on this video, it looks like she has fond memories of Vacation as well. 

The behind the scenes moments from the Christmas classic have become just as infamous as the film itself. Chase injured his pinky while putting up the Christmas decorations from the lights scene, and D’Angelo feared that the artificial snow was flammable. While there were clearly some detours faced when filming the movie, it is sweet that the cast seems to remember the film fondly enough to reunite for fans. 

This isn’t the first time an iconic Christmas Vacation reunion has occurred in the years following the film’s 1989 release. The stars of the film came together in 2012 for a Vacation-inspired holiday Old Navy ad. Members of the cast also paid tribute to their characters for a socially-distant homage to John Hughes, who wrote the film, along with many other beloved family and holiday movies including Home Alone.

Audiences can revisit National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation this holiday season with an HBO Max subscription. There are also many other ways to watch the holiday favorite this season, as it typically airs on television throughout the month. In addition, there’s several other Christmas films available to stream this year, so make sure you check out our feature on where to watch some holiday favorites.

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