Dakota Johnson Files Restraining Order Against Stalker

Dakota Johnson is Anne Elliot by a window in Persuasion.
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While being a famous celebrity has its privileges, there are certainly downsides as well, and some of those are potentially dangerous. Celebrity stalkers have killed people in the past, so its understandable that any celebrity would want to take such things seriously. The issue has apparently reached that level of concern for Dakota Johnson and Coldplay’s Chris Martin as a restraining order has now been filed against a woman who is allegedly stalking them.

According to documents obtained by The Blast a woman, only referred to as “Ms. Brown,” started harassing the couple of Johnson and Martin in April of this year via social media. She reportedly is claiming that she and Martin are married, and that they live together, despite Martin claiming in the restraining order application that they have never met or spoken to each other.

The harassment has more recently expanded beyond words, as the woman in question has apparently been seen outside of Chris Martin’s home, at one point causing Dakota Johnson to return to the house after planning to leave, because she was afraid there might be an altercation with Ms. Brown. The alleged stalker has apparently claimed that Johnson has been using “black magic” in an attempt to cause her harm.

Martin and Johnson are clearly taking this situation seriously. The request for a restraining order calls the woman “delusional” due to her claims of an alleged relationship with Martin. If that's the case the situation can be very scary simply because you can't be sure what the person is capable of. 

Far too often we’ve seen stalkers attempt to cause real harm. Earlier this year a fan of actress Alexandra Daddario was arrested outside her home while she was inside. He was in possession of a gun at the time. In 2020, WWE star Sonya Deville was the subject of an apparent kidnapping plot from a stalker. At its most serious we have seen stalkers use violence. Back in 1989 actress Rebecca Shaeffer was killed by an obsessed fan. 

And stalker’s can potentially harm anybody connected to the victim. In this case, Chris Martin is the actual focus of the stalker, but that puts Dakota Johnson in harm's way as well. The same thing happened to Keanu Reeves’ girlfriend who had to get her own restraining order against an alleged stalker who had fixated on the actor. 

A judge has ordered that Brown must stay at least 100 yards away from Martin, Johnson, and Martin’s children. Hopefully that will be enough to prevent any future altercations and keep everybody involved feeling safe. At least if the woman in question violates the restraining order there will be legal recourse to remove her from the situation.

Dirk Libbey
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