Death On The Nile Cast: Where You've Seen The Actors Before

Armie Hammer and Gal Gadot in Death on the Nile
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Ever since Murder on the Orient Express released back in 2017, creating a spike in interest for Agatha Christie books everywhere, it was only a matter of time before another movie adapting the stories of Hercule Poirot would be made. Now, Death on the Nile is out in movie theaters and making splashes with an intensely talented ensemble cast. 

But with so many stars, you might be wondering where you’ve seen them before. From long-time stars in the industry to younger actors and actresses making their way, here is where you’ve seen the Death on the Nile cast before.  

Kenneth Branagh in Death on the Nile.

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Kenneth Branagh (Hercule Poirot)

Returning from the first movie is Kenneth Branagh, playing the main character of Death on the Nile, Hercule Poirot. Branagh has been in the industry for some time, in both movies and TV, so it’s not a surprise that you might have seen him before. 

Some of his biggest works in film include, Henry V, the excellent fantasy movie, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, My Week With Marilyn, the war film, Dunkirk, Tenet, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, the Disney live-action adaptation of Cinderella, and 2021’s Belfast. 

While Branagh keeps his talents mainly to film, he’s also had a career in television as well. He had a main role in the series Lunar Jim, as well as recurring roles in shows such as Wallander, Thompson, Fortunes of War and more.

Tom Bateman in Death on the Nile.

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Tom Bateman (Bouc)

Also returning from the previous film is Tom Bateman, playing Bouc in Death on the Nile. Starting off his career in theatre, Bateman has appeared in a variety of movies and TV. While he also appeared in Murder on the Orient Express, he had roles in the movies Creditors, Snatched, Cold Pursuit and more. 

He’s also had a successful career in television, including roles in shows such as Da Vinci’s Demons, a lead role in Jekyll and Hyde, and parts in miniseries like Vanity Fair, Beecham House, Behind Her Eyes and more. 

Annette Bening in Death on the Nile.

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Annette Bening (Euphemia)

Playing Euphemia in Death on the Nile is Annette Bening, an iconic actress who has been around for some time, appearing in huge films that have won many awards. One of her most known roles was starring in American Beauty, but some of her other big roles include The Grifters, Being Julia, The Kids Are All Right, Mrs. Harris, 20th Century Woman, Rules Don’t Apply, Captain Marvel and more. 

Bening has kept more of her talents towards movies, but she has appeared in some great TV shows and miniseries. Besides a couple of guest roles, she had a recurring voice role in the show, Liberty’s Kids, as well as an award-nominated performance in Mrs. Harris, where she played Jean Harris in a television movie. 

Russell Brand in Death on the Nile.

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Russell Brand (Linus Windlesham)

Popping up next in Death in the Nile is Russell Brand, playing Linus Windlesham. While Brand is mainly known for his stand-up comedy, including several TV specials he has done, he’s been in plenty of movies and TV shows. Some of his biggest roles in film include Get Him to the Greek, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, the Despicable Me series, Hop, Trolls, Minions and more. 

Brand has definitely appeared many times as himself in TV, including shows like Saturday Night Live, Big Time Rush, and others. Among his many guest roles on television, he has been in shows like Ballers, playing Lance, as well as a guest role in Hospital People, playing Tyler Watt. 

Ali Fazal in Death on the Nile.

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Ali Fazal (Andrew Katchadourian)

Next up is Ali Fazal, playing Andrew Katchadourian in Death on the Nile. Fazal has been in many popular Indian films, including Fukrey, Always Kabhi Kabhi, 3 Idiots and more, but he’s also appeared in a couple of American films as well. These include Furious 7 and House Arrest on Netflix. 

Fazal has mainly kept his talents to movies when it comes to television, only having a couple of guest roles in Bollywood shows. He also had a recurring role in Bollywood Hero, and a role in the miniseries Bang Baaja Baaraat. 

Dawn French in Death on the Nile.

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Dawn French (Mrs. Bowers)

Playing Mrs. Bowers in Death on the Nile is Dawn French. Mainly known for her comedy sketch show, French and Saunders, French has had a pretty active career in television, including roles in Girls on Top, The Vicar of Dibley in which she led, Wild West, Psychoville, Delicious and more, as well as judge stints and hosting gigs on shows such as Little Big Shots and Australia’s Got Talent.  

French has also appeared in many popular movies as well. Some of her most-known roles were the stop-motion animated movie, Coraline, Love and Other Disasters and Animals United. 

Gal Gadot walking through a dance floor in a silver dress in Death on the Nile.

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Gal Gadot (Linnet Ridgeway-Doyle)

In Death on the Nile, Gal Gadot plays Linnet Ridgeway-Doyle. I’m sure at some point you’ve heard of who Gal Gadot is in the last couple of years. One of her biggest roles thus far has been playing the legendary superhero, Wonder Woman, in two standalone films, Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman: 1984, as well as appearing in Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice, and both versions of Justice League. 

Some of her other big roles in movies include the record-breaking Netflix film, Red Notice, Ralph Breaks the Internet, Triple 9 and more - and will soon be playing the Evil Queen in the upcoming Snow White adaptation. While she hasn’t had a main role in any TV shows, she has guest-starred on several television series’, like Entourage, The Simpsons and Saturday Night Live

Armie Hammer in Death on the Nile.

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Armie Hammer (Simon Doyle)

Moving on, we have Armie Hammer, who plays Simon Doyle in Death on the Nile, the husband of Gal Gadot’s character. Armie Hammer has appeared in many movies and TV shows. Some of his biggest roles were being a part of The Social Network cast, The Lone Ranger, The Man From U.N.C.L.E., Call Me By Your Name, On The Basis Of Sex and more. 

He’s also had roles in many TV shows, including but not limited to the CW series, Gossip Girl, Reaper, and guest roles on many other shows like Veronica Mars or Desperate Housewives. 

Rose Leslie in Death on the Nile.

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Rose Leslie (Lousie Bourget)

Up next is Rose Leslie, who plays Louise Bourget in Death on the Nile. Leslie has appeared in some great roles in movies, including The Last Witch Hunter, The Last Dance, Morgan and more, but television is where she really shines. 

For three seasons, Leslie starred as Ygritte on Game of Thrones. Besides that, she’s also had main roles in shows like Downton Abbey, where she played Gwen Dawson during the first season, portrayed Emma Lane in Luther, played Maia Rindell in The Good Fight, and played Kirsten Longacre in the miniseries, Vigil. 

Emma Mackey in Death on the Nile.

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Emma Mackey (Jacqueline de Bellefort)

Playing Jacqueline de Bellefort in Death on the Nile is Emma Mackey. While she’s younger than many of her other co-stars on this list, Mackey has been making strides in Hollywood through her roles. 

In terms of movies, she’s appeared in the films The Winter Lake and Eiffel, but her biggest role this far is being a part of the Sex Education cast, playing Maeve Wiley in the popular Netflix series.  

Sophie Okonedo in Death on the Nile.

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Sophie Okonedo (Salome Otterbourne)

Next up is Sophie Okonedo, who plays Salome Otterbourne in Death on the Nile. With a career that has spannwd decades, Okonedo has almost done too many roles to list them all, but rest assured, you’ve probably seen her before. 

Some of her biggest roles in movies have been starring in Hotel Rwanda (which got her a nomination for an Academy Award), Martian Child, The Secret Life of Bees, Skin, Hellboy, Christopher Robin and more. 

Okonedo has also appeared in a variety of TV shows. These include The Governor, Starting Alive, In Defence, Clocking Off, Tsunami: The Aftermath, Criminal Justice, Flack, the Ryan Murphy-created series, Ratched, the Amazon Prime original series, Modern Love and Wheel of Time, His Dark Materials, and many, many other roles. 

Jennifer Saunders in Death on the Nile.

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Jennifer Saunders (Marie Van Schuyler)

Second to last is Jennifer Saunders, who plays Marie Van Schuyler in Death on the Nile. Saunders is most known for her sketch comedy show, French and Saunders, which she hosted with her comedy partner, Dawn French (as previously seen on this list). However, Saunders has had quite the career in both movies and TV. 

In terms of movies, Saunders has appeared in roles that include Fairy Godmother in Shrek 2, Coraline, Minions, Sing and Sing 2, Patrick, and more.

Saunders has also had quite the TV career. Besides her popular sketch shows with her partner, including Absolutely Fabulous, Parkinson, Dead Boss, Blandings, Josh, The Stranger miniseries and more, alongside many guest appearances in reality and talk shows, examples being Richard Osman’s House of Games and The View, among others. 

Letitia Wright in Death on the Nile.

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Letitia Wright (Rosalie Otterbourne) 

Lastly, we have Letitia Wright, who plays Rosalie Otterbourne in Death on the Nile. Wright has been making her name known these last couple of years with her big appearance as Shuri in the popular Marvel film, Black Panther, a role that she reprised again in both Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame, and is reprising once more in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

Besides her character in the MCU, Wright was also a part of the Sing 2 cast, and appeared in movies such as Guava Island, The Commuter, and Ready Player One. 

Wright has also had a pretty big career in television, including roles in shows like Banana, Cucumber, Top Boy, Humans, the Netflix original series, Black Mirror and the miniseries, Small Axe. 

With so many stars in this movie, it’s no wonder they’ve been in so many movies and TV shows, but now, they can all add Death on the Nile onto their resume as well. And I for one can’t wait to see what they do next.  

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