Sing 2 Voice Cast: Where You've Seen And Heard The Actors Before

Reese Witherspoon's character Rosita in Sing 2
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After five years of waiting, Sing 2 has finally arrived in theaters and it's bigger than ever. Featuring a variety of famous voices and singers, you might be wondering where you’ve seen or heard some of these actors before, and believe it or not, there’s a high chance they have popped up on your television or movie screens once or twice. 

From well-known names like Matthew McConaughey and Reese Witherspoon, to singing superstars like Tori Kelly and Halsey, here is why you might be thinking, “I’ve definitely heard that voice before somewhere” when listening to the Sing 2 cast.

Matthew McConaughey's character in Sing 2.

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Matthew McConaughey (Buster Moon)

First off, we have Matthew McConaughey who plays Buster in Sing 2, the koala who owns the Moon theater who has so much faith in all our performers. This actor has been in the business for some time. 

For example, you might have seen him in his long string of hilarious romantic comedies, such as How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days, Ghosts of Girlfriend’s Past, and more. Or, you might have seen him pop up in dramatic movies where he’s really shown his acting skills, like The Wolf of Wall Street, alongside the wonderful Leonardo DiCaprio, Mud, Dallas Buyers Club (for which he won a Best Actor Oscar), and more. 

To be honest, he’s done so much that it’s hard to put everything down in one section, but just know that he has certainly popped up on screen before. And, this will certainly not be the last that you see of him. 

Reese Witherspoon's character in Sing 2.

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Reese Witherspoon (Rosita)

That lovely little pig that we all adore is Rosita, played by Reese Witherspoon in Sing 2. Witherspoon has been active in the film industry for quite some time, starting off her career in the '90s, with big hits like Election and Cruel Intentions, before becoming a megastar in movies like Legally Blonde (which is getting a second sequel soon), Sweet Home Alabama, Walk the Line, and more. 

Witherspoon has also appeared in a few TV shows as well, winning awards for her performances. She stars in the Apple TV+ show, The Morning Show, starred in the Hulu miniseries, Little Fires Everywhere, and was a part of the HBO drama series, Big Little Lies. I could think of no one better to voice Rosita than her. 

Scarlett Johansson's character in Sing 2.

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Scarlett Johansson (Ash)

Next up, we have Ash in Sing 2, the porcupine with a big voice, as voiced by Scarlett Johansson. For many years, Johansson has worked in the film industry, and millions of fans know her as the face of Black Widow in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (until recently), but she’s been in many other films. 

Starting off her career young, she’s appeared in films such as Lost in Translation, Girl with a Pearl Earring, The Prestige, the sci-fi horror movie Under the Skin, as well as Jojo Rabbit and Marriage Story, both of which netted her 2020 Oscar nominations. 

Taron Egerton's character in Sing 2.

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Taron Egerton (Johnny)

Next up, we have Johnny, a gorilla who’s a bit shy but has the voice of a god in Sing 2, voiced by Taron Egerton. 

With a career that started in 2013, Egerton has appeared in many movies and TV shows. In terms of film, he leads the Kingsman series, as well as dramatic/comedic films such as Eddie the Eagle, Billionaire Boys Club, and Rocketman

He’s guest starred on a couple of shows, but most recently had the voice role of Rian in the Netflix series, The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance, among other projects. With a voice like that, I want to hear him sing so much more. 

Tori Kelly's character in Sing 2.

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Tori Kelly (Meena)

Moving on, we have Meena in Sing 2, the shy elephant who has a heart of gold, and she is voiced by the wonderful Tori Kelly. While she hasn't made any serious film appearances as an actress, Tori Kelly is a fantastic singer with a long career and several albums. 

She’s also appeared on a variety of competition shows, including The Masked Singer, American Idol, The Voice and more. She also had a guest role on the children’s show, Sesame Street. 

Nick Kroll's character in Sing 2.

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Nick Kroll (Gunter)

Gunter is that spunky pig that we all know and love in Sing 2, and he is voiced by the wonderful Nick Kroll. The last couple of years, Kroll has been in a roll with his hit animated series, Big Mouth, but that doesn't mean that he doesn’t have a ton of other awesome projects. 

In terms of movies, he’s appeared in several, but some of his most notable are Get Him to the Greek, Sausage Party, The Secret Life of Pets 2, The House, The Addams Family, and How It Ends

With television, he co-created and starred in The Kroll Show, had a main role in The Life & Times of Tim, has a main voice role on his own show, Big Mouth, and has appeared in several other television shows as a guest. 

Bobby Cannavale's character in Sing 2.

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Bobby Cannavale (Jimmy Crystal)

Jimmy Crystal is one scary wolf in Sing 2, and he is voiced by Bobby Cannavale. This actor has appeared in a variety of television and film projects. In movies, he’s appeared in the MCU in Ant-Man (and its sequel), The Station Agent, The Other Guys, Tom and Jerry, Thunderforce, The Irishman and more. 

On television, he had starring roles on Third Watch and Hulu's Nine Perfect Strangers, and a variety of recurring appearances on many popular shows, such as the HBO series Boardwalk Empire, Master of None, Mr. Robot, Vinyl, Will & Grace, and many, many others. He also had a role in the Amazon original series, Homecoming. 

Halsey's character in Sing 2.

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Halsey (Porsha Crystal)

Playing Porsha, who is Jimmy’s daughter, in Sing 2 is the singer, Halsey. While she hasn’t had many film or television roles, Halsey is a singer with several popular singles and albums, and if you haven’t listened to her music, you definitely should. She had a minor role in A Star is Born, as well as a minor voice role in Teen Titan’s Go! To the Movies, but other than that, this is her first major part.

She’s also performed on Saturday Night Live, late night talk shows, and competition series, like The Voice, to show off her vocal skills.

Pharrell Williams' character in Sing 2.

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Pharrell Williams (Alfonso)

Another elephant in Sing 2, Alfonso, is voiced by yet another singer, Pharrell Williams. Again, he hasn’t done much in terms of actually being in movies and TV as an actor, but in terms of being a singer, he is one of the best out there. 

He was a composer for the music for the Despicable Me series, the narrator for the most recent adaptation of The Grinch, and had a cameo appearance in the Disney+ original film, Black is King, but Sing 2 will be his first major role in movies. He was also a coach on The Voice for a couple of seasons. 

Nick Offerman's character in Sing 2.

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Nick Offerman (Norman)

Playing Rosita’s husband, Norman, in Sing 2 is Nick Offerman, mostly known for his hilarious role as Ron Swanson in Parks and Recreation. However, Offerman has done far more than just comedy on TV, as he’s appeared in many films and TV shows. 

In movies, he played Richard McDondald in The Founder, had a minor role in both 21 and 22 Jump Street, a role in We’re the Millers as Don Fitzgerald, played Victor Gaines in Me and Earl and the Dying Girl, and voiced Mike Loughran in Hotel Transylvania 2, among many other roles. 

Offerman has also had a lot of TV work, including playing Chance Briggs in Children’s Hospital, portraying Karl Weathers in Fargo, and hosting Making It alongside Amy Poehler. He also has a lot of shows coming up - including playing Bill in HBO’s The Last of Us adaptation, so be sure to keep an eye out for him. 

Letitia Wright's character in Sing 2.

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Letitia Wright (Nooshy)

Nooshy is an awesome street dancer and is voiced by Letitia Wright in Sing 2. Most people probably know about Wright from her big role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, playing Shuri in Black Panther, as well as Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. She is also set to reprise the role for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever

Other than that, Wright has appeared in many films and TV shows in her short career so far. She portrayed Yara Love in Guava Island, and Reb in Ready Player One, and many other film roles. On TV, she played a big part in an episode of Black Mirror, and has guest starred on a variety of shows, including Doctor Who, Chasing Shadows, and Coming Up. She also had recurring roles in Cucumber and Banana. 

Eric Andre's character in Sing 2.

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Eric Andre (Darius)

Darius is the yak in Sing 2, and he is voiced by Eric Andre. A comedic actor who has appeared in so much, Andre is certainly a name you have seen before. He’s appeared in films like The Internship, Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, voiced Azizi in The Lion King Disney live-action remake, played Chris Carey in Bad Trip, voiced Mark Bowman in The Mitchells vs. the Machines cast, and more. 

He created Adult Swim's The Eric Andre Show, which is still going on now, and also had a main role in Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23, a recurring role in 2 Broke Girls, portrayed Mike in Man Seeking Woman, and voices Luci in Disenchantment, among many other guest appearances on TV. Andre also has his own hilarious Netflix comedy special that you should watch right now. 

Chelsea Peretti's character in Sing 2.

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Chelsea Peretti (Suki)

Playing Johnny’s assistant in Sing 2 is Chelsea Peretti, a hilarious comedian with plenty of acting experience. Her biggest role thus far was playing Gina Linetti in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but she’s appeared in many other TV shows like The Smoking Gun Presents: World’s Dumbest, which she hosted, China, IL, Big Mouth, American Dad, and Harvey Girls Forever

She’s also appeared in a few movies, her most notable being Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping, Game Night, and The Photograph

Bono's character in Sing 2.

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Bono (Clay Calloway)

Last but not least, we have Bono, who voices Clay Calloway in Sing 2. Bono, like many of the other singers on this list, hasn’t done much in the acting department, but his singing career is one for the record books, as he's frontman for the rock band, U2. 

Bono's had cameo appearances in the TV show Entourage, along many others, and has appeared in several documentaries, including Muscle Shoals. Even so, it’s incredibly exciting to see him offering his voice to a big-time movie like Sing 2.

Jeez, with a cast this fantastic, Sing 2 should be amazing. And, now, you might have an idea of where you’ve seen or heard the cast before - and finally have a face to put with that amazingly talented singing voice. 

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