Don’t Worry Darling ‘Cut’ Kiki Layne From Most Of The Movie, But She Says She Won Regardless

KiKi Layne in Don't Worry Darling
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At this point, much has been said about Don’t Worry Darling, the new psychological thriller from actor/director Olivia Wilde. The film’s promotion and recent release have arguably been overshadowed by reports of an alleged feud between Wilde and lead star Florence Pugh and drama on the set. (And let’s not even get into the saga that was Harry Styles and Chris Pine’s “spitgate.”) Amid all of this though, actress KiKi Layne has stepped forward and opened up about most of her scenes being “cut” from the movie. However, the star still says that she won in one specific area. 

In the movie, KiKi Layne plays the role of Margaret, a friend of Florence Pugh’s Alice. Layne’s character is established as a bit of an outcast amongst the other housewives in the neighborhood, which sets her on an interesting path. Based on Layne’s recent Instagram post, there was more to her story, yet that wasn’t present in the finished film. Despite that, the upcoming-and-coming actress chalks up Don’t Worry Darling as a W, because she’s found love. Check it out: 

It would seem that the Old Guard star has started a relationship with Ari'el Stachel, who played her character’s husband, Ted, in the movie. The photos of the two are definitely sweet, but I think most people may really get a kick out of the hashtags included in the post. Based on #GotMyCheck and #GotMyMan, the 30-year-old actress isn’t dwelling on what could’ve been, and that’s perfectly encapsulated in her third hashtag – #EverythingHappensforaReason. Stachel also commented on the post, adding some lovely sentiments for his lady:

My love. You are a queen and your talent shines so bright. I was thirsty then and I’m thirsty now ❤️❤️❤️

The pair’s co-star, Gemma Chan, also reacted to the post by dropping in a single heart emoji. It’s honestly great to see that something so sweet came out of the film’s production. I think it’s fair to say that this is one of the more feel-good stories that’s been connected to filming. 

Over the past month, there’s been speculation regarding whether Shia LaBeouf was actually fired from the movie, as he and Olivia Wilde have shared different stories. A subsequently leaked video, in which Wilde referred to Florence Pugh as “Miss Flo,” made headlines as well. Sometime later, Pugh limited her press availability while promoting the movie. It was also recently reported that the two got into a “screaming match” on set, though dozens of crew members shot down that claim. While Wilde has denied the feud rumors, Pugh has not spoken on the matter, though she did share a heartfelt message upon the movie’s release. 

It looks like KiKi Layne and Ari'el Stachel are staying far away from any kind of Don't Worry Darling drama, though. At present, they simply seem to be enjoying each other’s company – and the money they received for making the movie. 

You can check out the film in theaters now and, once you do, check out some of the big questions we had about Don't Worry Darling once the credits started rolling.

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