Dwayne Johnson Drops A String Of Great F-Bombs While Discussing His Latest Cheat Meal

Dwayne Johnson looking at Jason Statham in Hobbs and Shaw
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There is no denying that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is fit as hell, and clearly there is a ton of work that goes into having a body that is basically solid muscle (hence the name he was given back in his WWE days). Every legend needs time off, though, and for Johnson, that means some major cheat days. The star's latest inspired a great string of F-Bombs, because how else are you supposed to go into a feast that could rival one of a warrior god’s? 

Instead of showing off his massive arms, Dwayne Johnson showboats some truly drool-worthy sushi and baked goods in a recent Instagram post. At this point, I’m pretty used to Johnson posting awesome content on the regular, but that huge platter of sushi is a new high for me. You can check the video out below, which includes a string of F-Bombs that I just have to agree with:

Call me crazy, but I find myself insanely jealous of Dwayne Johnson’s mouthwatering cheat meal (maybe even more so than his massive net worth). It seems as though “massive” can describe pretty much everything about the star, especially when it comes to his high-calorie feasts.

Fans seem to be on the same page, too, because they are in the comments of Dwayne Johnson’s post with drool emojis and some serious food envy. A lot of commenters are assuring the A-Lister that he has earned such a meal, however, and fellow star and muscle man Jason Momoa is one such commenter, writing, "get it. you deserve it." [sic]

The Dune star and Dwayne Johnson have a long history of calling out to each other on social media – Momoa even giving Johnson’s daughter a ring on her birthday. It’s clear the two have a relatively close relationship, so it comes as no surprise that Momoa would give him such a praising pat on the back when it comes to the rewarding meal.

While the huge tray of sushi and heaping plate of sweet treats may be overwhelming to some, Dwayne Johnson pretty much has to eat a ton of calories to make up for the amount of energy he burns on a regular basis. While he surely eats more rounded meals regularly, it’s totally okay for him to say “fuck it” sometimes and indulge in some of the foods he loves. If you’re going to work and work out so much, you may as well be able to have a few guilty pleasures like a huge tray of sushi.

Coming off on a year like 2021 when he had a number of hit releases, and going into 2022 when he has even more upcoming films that look promising, Dwayne Johnson sure as hell deserves all the cheat meals and as many F-Bombs as he wants. I sure wish he’d invite me over to join in next time, though.

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