Dwayne Johnson Shares Just How Much He Eats On Leg Day Along With A Sweet Hawaiian Sunrise

Dwayne Johnson as hooded Black Adam
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Dwayne Johnson is one of the biggest movie stars in the world, but you don’t get to be The Rock without putting in the work. For him, that doesn’t just mean the workouts needed to look like Black Adam. It also means eating everything you need to do to fuel those workouts, and getting up early enough to be able to get everything done in a day that needs doing. While most of us probably couldn’t do all that, a recent photo from Johnson makes it all look pretty nice.

The Rock recently shared an image on Instagram which he took at six in the morning in Hawai’i. It’s an absolutely beautiful sunrise in one of the world’s most beautiful places, and Johnson’s breakfast honestly looks delicious. Sitting in that place alone, in the quiet of the morning, with some great food, actually looks amazing. While I’m sure there are more downsides to being Dwayne Johnson than we ever see Sometimes being The Rock is clearly as cool as it appears to be.

Yesterday was “leg day” for The Rock. Which, I understand from people who actually workout like I should, is one of the tougher days in a regular gym routine-- even among those that do this all the time. Dwayne Johnson’s breakfast is specifically tailored to how he’s going to be burning calories for his workout. And while I’m fairly certain this is way more food than I would eat in a day, everything here looks really good. The Rock eats well.

That bowl of oatmeal alone looks big enough to feed a couple of people by itself, but that’s just the beginning of what he’s eating here. It looks like about three full english muffins covered in peanut butter and jelly. And then you have a plate full of egg whites and steak. It all looks great, but it’s just a lot. With a sunrise like that, I would have been cool just having a hot cup of coffee and watching the sun come up. 

The Rock calls this moment “anchoring and mindful.” One assumes at 6am he’s the only one awake. His kids are sleeping. His phone is not ringing. He gets to just be alone and be in the moment, something that a guy with a schedule like his probably doesn’t get to do very much. And being able to do that while looking at a Hawaiian  sunrise is something we could probably all use. Although, he’s sure to plug his energy drink while being “mindful.”

We hope Dwayne Johnson had a successful leg day. If nothing else he put together a really impressive breakfast to get ready for the gym, and probably had an equally impressive lunch as a reward when it was over. 

Dirk Libbey
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