Fighting With My Family Creator Says The Rock Brings His Own Food To Restaurants. That Checks Out

There are few stars bigger than Dwayne Johnson right now, and part of the reason you can tell that is that it seems there’s very little about the man that people are not interested in. When The Rock talks about his kids his Instagram pics go viral and when he shows off what he’s eating for dinner it blows up on social media. Dwayne Johnson’s diet is absolutely insane, and it’s apparently so insane that he doesn’t even eat at restaurants, he just brings his own food.

Stephen Merchant, who wrote, directed and appeared in the pro-wrestling movie Fighting with My Family, which was produced by Dwayne Johnson, recently appeared on Sirius XM where he talked about his experience watching The Rock eat. Because he’s on such a regimented diet he has food packaged and ready for his various meals, but Merchant says Johnson can’t even eat at restaurants because they would mess with the diet. The actor explains…  

When he goes to dinner with friends he’ll have to take his food to the restaurant and have them heat it up. Because it’s such a structured diet.

When you’re Dwayne Johnson and you’re a major actor and film producer I would expect that there are a lot of lunch meetings happening over things like avoiding sports cliches or whatever. Thus, one can imagine there are many instances of Johnson sitting down at a restaurant and, rather than ordering off the menu, asking the restaurant to heat up the food he brought. I guess when The Rock asks that, you just go ahead and do it.

Stephen Merchant isn’t the first to talk about Dwayne Johnson’s eating habits. We’ve heard other co-stars and collaborators talk about the amount of food he eats, and the frequency with which The Rock eats it. It takes a lot of calories to keep somebody who looks like Dwayne Johnson going. The food is also specific because it’s part of what his body needs in order to keep up his incredible physique. Though that doesn’t mean that Johnson doesn’t get to eat stuff that looks delicious.

The one time Dwayne Johnson does eat a lot is on his cheat days, and we’ve seen the absolute massive amounts of food that The Rock puts away on these days. He gets to eat whatever he likes on cheat days, and he does not mess around. 

Maybe he could actually eat at a restaurant if it was cheat day, but that bill is going to be absolutely massive. Good thing Johnson is one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood.

Most simply couldn’t eat like The Rock, some have tried. And it honestly can’t be easy for him. Having to have such a structured diet probably isn’t always that fun. Most of us enjoy eating in restaurants when we can and it’s unfortunate that The Rock doesn’t get to do that. 

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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