The Rock Shared His Cheat Meals On Leg Day, And One Of Them Looks Way Yummier Than The Other One

Dwayne Johnson looking at Jason Statham in Hobbs and Shaw
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There are a few things that we know to be true about Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. One is that he’s always going to put in 110% in the gym, and another is that he’s going to enjoy a good cheat meal or two in between his routines. Via social media, the star has shared photos and videos of some truly delicious-looking vittles that can quickly capture his followers’ attention. Well, Johnson is back at it again this week, as he’s posted about some two meals that he had on his most recent leg day. There are sure to be people who find both appealing, but you might say that one looks way yummier than the other. 

The Rock had the two cheat meals this past Sunday, one before his leg workout and the other after it. The first is definitely an interesting way for someone to start their day. The Instagram video the star posted features brown rice cereal with blueberries, an omelette, English muffins with peanut butter and grilled bison. Yes, you read that last one correctly. You can take a look at the food for yourself in the post down below: 

Bison is definitely “a choice,” though there are surely plenty of people who enjoy the well-done meat. For me, it’s also not often that I see someone adding peanut butter to their English muffins as opposed to butter, jam or honey.  To each their own, though! A number of people would be more inclined to partake in the post-workout meal the Red Notice alum whipped up. In his second post, he showed off eggs, turkey bacon and homemade biscuits with honey. Feast your eyes on the food, and try not to drool too much: 

Some may be wondering why Dwayne Johnson eats so many calories on leg day, which he referred to as his “hardest workout of the week.” In the caption for the second meal, he explained that he purposely schedules it for cheat days so that he can get his fill of glycogen, which assists in moving more volume to the muscles. Johnson also cheekily remarked that working out on Sundays gives one a bit of an edge over their competition. 

The Rock’s mouth-watering cheat meal posts are pretty much the stuff of legend at this point. Not only are fans familiar with them, but the actor’s colleagues also check in on them now and then. His former Fast & Furious co-star, Ludacris, is so in tune with the meals that he questioned his friend earlier this year when he dropped a cheat meal post on Monday as opposed to Sunday.

The Jungle Cruise star has also shared funny posts when he’s succumbed to the allure of cheat meals outside to the allocated days. In one instance, he dropped a string of f-bombs before he indulged in some succulent sushi. He also humorously posted about a midnight meal, in which he chowed down on scrumptious crumb cake.

While The Rock’s bison meal may not be for everyone, you definitely can’t be mad at the guy for switching things up when it comes to his yummy cheat meals. I’m actually looking forward to seeing what he posts next and am kind of hoping that he shows off more immaculate pancakes on those tough leg days.

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