If Jason Momoa Was Cold Filming Those Aquaman Scenes, You Should Check Out His Latest Shirtless Post

Jason Momoa shirtless in Zack Snyder's The Snyder Cut as Aquaman.
(Image credit: HBO Max)

I don’t know about you, but I never tire of seeing Jason Momoa shirtless. While his natural habitat may be a warm and tropical setting, he certainly can get very comfortable in a colder climate as well. The DC star filmed in some pretty chilly climates while shooting Aquaman 2, and his new shirtless post really makes it look like he has embraced nature’s coldest elements.

Jason Momoa may be going through a divorce right now, but he’s still seemingly having some fun adventures that are very on-brand for him. In his newest Instagram post, he can be seen walking into freezing waters in nothing but a pair of shorts. You can check the video out, as well as some other icy shots, in the post below. Be warned, though, they may make you shiver:

Most people wouldn’t find jumping into freezing water to be desirable and, even if they did go through with it, they would probably show some kind of negative reaction to the cold temperature. Not the Dune star, though, he looks perfectly at home in the water. He's all smiles as he falls back in the water, fully submerging himself.

Fans seem to be of two minds on the new post, either saying how insane (in a good way) Jason Momoa is or how insanely attractive the actor is, both from a physical standpoint and as the nature-loving person he is. People seem to agree that he is the real-life embodiment of aquatic superhero he's played on the big screen for several years now.

The actor's new post is for a new project he's working on for his company On The Roam and a water brand called Mananalu Water. It looks like they're shooting a collaboration video of some sort and, through his caption, he teases that there are some exciting things coming that he can’t wait to show off when the time comes.

There’s more work on the horizon for Jason Momoa, though, as he has quite a few other projects coming up. We finally know who he will be playing in Fast and Furious 10, and the role will show off a side of the actor we haven’t seen much. The Game of Thrones star also has an upcoming travel show we can look forward to as well as a few other films.

Although it has no set release date as of now, Jason Momoa's The Last Manhunt has finished filming and we can hope that it ends up being one of 2022's new movie releases. While it’s hard to imagine any of his projects taking him to more extreme conditions than those frigid temperatures, I can’t wait to see what’s next for Momoa amid all of his creative endeavors.

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