Jason Momoa And Idris Elba Both Dropped F-Bombs While Responding To Their Haters

Everybody knows how mean people can be on Twitter. Oftentimes, people will take to the platform and express their dislike for a particular actor or movie, which isn’t always expressed in the kindest way. Many celebrities brush off haters, not feeling the need to respond to negative comments and focus on having positive interactions with fans. However, Jimmy Kimmel often challenges this, putting celebrities in front of a camera to read tweets from their haters and making fun of some of the ridiculous comments people make. This week, the talk show host gave celebrities the opportunity again, prompting some choice words from Idris Elba and Jason Momoa.

The two superhero actors had hilarious responses to some rude tweets from haters as a part of Jimmy Kimmel's Mean Tweet series. Momoa and Elba did not shy away from dropping an f-bomb or two when formulating retorts for their trolls. In a tweet towards Elba, one person wrote:

Idris Elba is ugly there I said it

The Hobbs and Shaw actor responded with a very simple bite back to the very mean comment:

Fuck you

Short and sweet and to the point is the best way to handle haters, as Elba demonstrates. Also the very simple response almost makes it funnier, showing that the Marvel alum has nothing more to say to this person. Momoa decided to relax for the occasion, enjoying a beer while he read a tweet that said:

Also, Jason Momoa is a creep. No one should feel anything in their ovaries for him.

Taking a note from Elba, Momoa responded with the same two, fitting words. These two actors may be on opposing sides in the DCEU, but these two heavy hitters are clearly on the same team when it comes to trolls on the internet. There’s no need to waste too much time on them, and write them off with a simple two words, and in Momoa’s case, enjoy a casual beer while you’re at it. You can watch the clip of the actors below:

Momoa and Elba have plenty of fans to make up for the few online haters. Elba has been a long time fan favorite for the next James Bond, and Jason Momoa has become a Hollywood staple ever since his memorable performance on Game of Thrones. Both actors are incredibly busy and seem to always have projects in the works. Jason Momoa will be starring in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, which is set to release on December 23rd of next year. And Idris Elba has had three movies come out this year, and a film adaptation of his BBC show, Luther, is in the works. Sorry haters, it looks like you will be seeing much more of these two in the future. 

I personally am waiting for the day when these two appear in a project together. If they can handle mean online comments together, I’m sure they can do much more. There is already an avenue for it, as they both play characters in the DCEU. Seeing Aquaman potentially fighting Bloodsport in an action packed superhero adventure would be a blast for fans. Elba has expressed an interest in more DC projects underway, and it seems like Momoa will most likely be in another DC team up movie that could throw these two together. Maybe for a potential Justice Society of America movie? I have my fingers crossed. 

In the meantime, these mega-movie stars will be battling haters in real life, and continue to fight villains on the big screen. You can check out Momoa doing so in Aquaman, which is currently streaming for HBO Max subscribers. In addition, Idris Elba fights his own battles in the 2022 film, Beast which is currently available for fans with a Peacock subscription. For more information about other films releasing this year on streaming or otherwise, check out our 2022 movie release schedule.

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