Jason Momoa Is Back In Cheeky Mode And Showing Off The 'Views' In New Hawaiian Post

Jason Momoa has been very "cheeky" of late. The actor has been rocking a Hawaiian Malo in recent weeks, which means the views on his Instagram have not exactly been a “bum”mer. The actor has rocked the traditional garb for work, but also to raise awareness for plastic waste in the oceans and to shed a light on his more eco-friendly Mananalu water brand. Hey, when you got a dad bod like the Fast X star does, flaunt it. 

In a latest series of videos and images on Instagram, Momoa got his "new bro" Gordon on board to rock the notable look. (This was after Gordon also got tatted just like the Aquaman actor, so there's a lot going on there.) Then, they gave us a little peek at their “sun and moon.” The end result? This moment that will doubtless forever be memorialized on the interwebs.  

Jason Momoa screenshot of Hawaiian video 2022.

(Image credit: Jason Momoa)

Technically the look might be NSFW for some offices, but out and about in Hawaii it's traditional garb. Meanwhile, if you want to see how Jason Momoa got his new bud to go “fully Hawaiian," there's also a complete video. It's clear the actor is having fun with the camera too, as before he and Gordan turn around he notes, "Appreciate this view bro, see how good it is?" He's talking about the landscape... sure...

As you might guess, wearing the butt-baring garb has led to Momoa gaining a bit of attention in recent weeks, particularly when he appeared in the look for an episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live. He's also been wearing the look for his new Apple TV+ series after See ended called Chief of War on set, and it looks like he finds it fairly comfortable. 

I'm not sure if this is the end to the actor wearing the garb or just the start of a regular trend; however, it does seem clear he'll be sticking with the dad bod part for a bit. Jason Momoa previously revealed he does not remotely care what people think about how he looks. He ate a lot of pasta in Italy while filming Fast X and Momoa also stated he doesn't like traditional forms of working out. If you can enjoy time outside and still look that good in a Malo though, you gotta be doing something right. 

The actor is one of the busiest guys in the industry, so Malo or no, you'll probably see a lot of him coming up. There's his recent Netflix movie Slumberland, Aquaman 2 and the aforementioned Fast X, of course, but Jason Momoa is also set to star in a Universal comedy. Plus, he has Apple TV+ stuff coming up, and that's not even counting the time he filmed with American Pickers' Mike Wolf. He's certainly at the top of his game right now, and of course, there's never a bad view from the top. 

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