Jennifer Aniston Bought A Big ’Ol Christmas Tree, Then Threw A Star-Studded Party With Sandra Bullock, Courteney Cox And So Many More A-Listers

Jennifer Aniston loves the holiday season and loves her friends (pun intended). She regularly hosts dinners and parties with some of her A-list pals, and even starred in Office Christmas Party to celebrate Christmastime in 2016. This year, she celebrated the holidays by sharing some of her festive Christmas decorations, including a massive tree. Additionally, Aniston hosted a big holiday bash with some of her very best friends, including stars like Sandra Bullock and Courteney Cox. 

This past week, Aniston posted some adorable photos of her festive decor for the holidays. She picked out her tree and an adorable reindeer made out of tree bark. She also shared some cute photos of the reindeer with her dogs, who also seem to be celebrating. You can see her sweet Instagram post below:

In addition, the Morning Show star hosted a star-studded Christmas blast to honor the season. It took place at her Bel-Air home and welcomed several of her best Hollywood friends. Along with Cox and Bullock, Jason Bateman, Tobey Maguire, David Spade, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Bradley Cooper were also in attendance. There was also allegedly a no-cell-phone policy, so you are unlikely to see many social media posts honoring the event (via Page Six). I think this is a great idea at any party, and allows friends to catch up and live in the moment.

While there may be no pics from the party, the holiday decor gives fans insight into what the gathering may have looked like. The Christmas tree is essential for setting the holiday vibe at such a soiree, and I hope the dogs were able to participate in all of the merry entertainment as well, as they look perfectly party ready. 

I’m sure Jennifer Aniston received some help planning such an event, as the actress has been plenty busy with a slew of many upcoming projects down the pike. While we are still patiently waiting for Season 3 of the hit Apple TV+ series The Morning Show, Aniston has been working on two movies. The Friends alum recently wrapped filming Murder Mystery 2 for Netflix alongside longtime collaborator Adam Sandler. She is also attached to star in Hail Mary, which is about a former beauty queen who becomes a sports manager. Aniston clearly has a lot going on, but I’m glad she took the time to celebrate the year with her friends. 

You can catch Jennifer Aniston in the latest season of The Morning Show streaming now with an Apple TV+ subscription. For those looking for some raunchy holiday cheer, you can also see Aniston in Office Christmas Party, which is available to rent on Amazon Instant Video. For more information on where to watch Christmas favorites, make sure to check out our 2022 Christmas movie schedule.

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