Jennifer Lopez Is Not Happy About That Leaked Wedding Video With Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez got married last weekend, and in the time since, the Internet has been filled with plenty of stories and recountings of what happened. What we haven’t seen a ton of, however, have been videos of the ceremony or reception. That’s apparently because guests had to sign NDAs. Unfortunately, they didn’t work in every case, however, as seen by a video of Lopez performing a new song during the reception that dropped a few days ago.

The short clip, which included JLo in her wedding dress and sharply-dressed back-up dancers, appeared on TMZ on Friday, and various bootlegs started showing up on social media not long afterwards. Lopez allegedly wasn’t happy about the leaks and responded to one of them, saying whoever recorded the video “took advantage” of the private moment and sold the clip for money. You can read the full comment, which has been attributed to Lopez below…

Pulling off an ordinary wedding without any hiccups is borderline impossible. Someone’s uncle is always gonna get too drunk, someone else is gonna show up in a white dress or a key family member isn’t going to show up. There are way too many moving parts, and for a celebrity wedding, it’s even more complicated. Throw in famous people, paparazzi and in Lopez’s case, a coordinated dance number, and pulling it all off is going to get complicated.

That being said, by all accounts of everyone actually in attendance, the Georgia-based wedding was apparently a great time. Guests had fun. The bride and groom seemed really happy, and this performance video seems like the only clip that made its way out. That’s not an excuse for whoever sold it, but it is a whole lot better than it could have been.

Of course Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s road to the altar was quite complicated. The two, at the heights of their fame, dated in the mid 2000s and were even engaged, which Affleck reportedly referenced in his speech, but life and everyone in the entire world having an opinion on their relationship got in the way. They both dated other people and even had marriages but started reconnecting last year after Lopez and Alex Rodriguez broke up. They went on vacation together and have seemingly been inseparable ever since. They tied the knot back in July in Las Vegas and had a bigger ceremony with family and famous friends last weekend.

It’s unclear when fans might be able to hear the full version of the song Jennifer Lopez was singing to Ben Affleck in the leaked video, but if she’s looking for a silver lining in all of this, it can probably be the fact that fans seem to really like it. The track has been getting a lot of compliments and many have started loudly calling for its release. 

Mack Rawden
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