Jennifer Lopez Rocked The Shotgun Wedding Premiere In A Knockout See-Through Dress With A Yellow Bow Underneath

Jennifer Lopez is a staple of the entertainment world, thanks to her wildly successful career as both a pop star and actress/producer. She's made headlines for her real-life marriage to Ben Affleck, but has also made a few wedding-themed movies lately. The most recent of these is Amazon’s action/comedy movie Shotgun Wedding, which is gearing up for its release. JLo rocked the movie’s premiere in a knockout see-through dress with a yellow bow underneath. And spoiler alert: she looked ageless and awesome.

There’s been a trend for the women of Hollywood lately in see-through/transparent looks. This was kickstarted by Florence Pugh, but has been adopted by a number of other celebrities. Now Jennifer Lopez is getting in on the fun, while celebrating the premiere of Shotgun Wedding. You can see her look below, courtesy of her personal Instagram account. Check it out:

Jenny from the Block knows how to make an entrance, and one can only imagine how the crowd lit up at the premiere of Shotgun Wedding when she arrived in this little number. Because on top of being an accomplished multitalent, Lopez is also known for being a style icon. So perhaps it shouldn’t be surprising that she stopped the show at the world premiere of her newest movie release.

JLo shared a set of images from the premiere of Shotgun Wedding with her whopping 232 million followers on the social media outlet. She’s got hundreds of thousands of likes so far, as well as countless comments of folks saying how stunning she is. I have to wonder if we’ll be seeing even more see-through looks as a result. 

The sheer dress is adorned with a ton of crystals and sparkles, giving Jennifer Lopez’s nude illusion a little extra magic. The yellow bow really pops as well, and matches her handbag. The final two shots show of JLo’s make-up and jewelry, tying together this total look. And it’s in stark contrast to the wedding dress she wears throughout the runtime of Shotgun Wedding. As a reminder, you can check out the trailer below:

The premise for Shotgun Wedding is truly bonkers. When a destination wedding is interrupted my armed gunmen who take the guests hostage. It’s up to the bickering bride and groom (Jennifer Lopez and Josh Duhamel) to save their loved ones and make it down the aisle alive. And yes, Jennifer Coolidge gets a submachine gun in the process. Given how viral the White Lotus actress star has been, that's likely going to be reason enough to watch. 

Shotgun Wedding will be released on Amazon January 27th. In the meantime, check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. For her part, JLo has a number of future projects coming down the line, partly thanks to her deal with Netflix.

Corey Chichizola
Movies Editor

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