JLo And Ben Affleck’s Wedding Officiant Reflects On Getting To Oversee The Ceremony

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in Gigli
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In some ways, it’s honestly still hard to believe that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are finally married. Two two stars, who were engaged decades ago before calling it off in 2004, tied the knot during a ceremony in Vegas in July. However, JLo and Affleck had their real wedding extravaganza at the latter’s compound in Georgia in August, where an array of celebrities assembled to celebrate their union. Since the event, a number of attendees have shared details about the experience and, now, the officiant who oversaw the proceedings is reflecting on the special occasion. 

Jay Shetty had the honor of officiating Benifer’s second wedding ceremony, and it sounds like he’s going to remember the special day for years to come. The podcaster and former monk dropped his thoughts about the momentous occasion while speaking with ET. When speaking about his important role in the wedding, Shetty said:

I can tell you it is an honor. It was absolutely beautiful. And I'm gonna let them share more. But it was truly special -- it's beautiful to celebrate love.

A wedding is an exciting day regardless of which couple is making the trip down the aisle, but it’s hard to deny that in this instance, there’s an added layer of anticipation. Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have had a long journey so, on their big day, there had to be some level of satisfaction not just on their part but from attendees as well. In the case of Jay Shetty, he has a prior connection to Lopez, as he married four couples while promoting her latest rom-com, Marry Me. Shetty went on to speak about his personal relationship with the pop icon:

I met Jennifer a couple of years ago. She's just been absolutely phenomenal. We've collaborated a bunch of times and I got to meet Ben through the process, which [was] wonderful.

A number of other close friends of the couple have since weighed in on aspects of the wedding. Chief among them was filmmaker Kevin Smith, who most recently worked with the groom on Clerks III. Smith spilled about his colleague’s speech, which he described as “breathtaking.” Singer Marc Cohen was also there and later explained that JLo herself called him and asked if he’d come and surprise guests with a performance.

There are a number of notable people who weren’t present, however. Ben Affleck’s brother, Casey, was not present, and it was eventually reported that he missed it due to familial responsibilities at home in California. However, that didn’t stop Casey from welcoming JLo to the family with a sweet social media post. The songstress’ good friend, Leah Remini, was also absent, though she had a good reason for missing out. Remini’s daughter was preparing to head to college, and the actress reportedly wanted to spend some time with her before she left.

But any (justified) absences aside, many guests seem to have enjoyed themselves at Bennifer’s wedding. Jay Shetty and more will forever have an experience that only few were able to be a part of. And Shetty, in particular, will always be able to say that he married Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez (for the second time).

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