JLo’s Pal Leah Remini Had A Good Reason For Missing Her Wedding To Ben Affleck

So You Think You Can Dance judge Leah Remini
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Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck officially tied the knot… again! Though the two previously exchanged vows during a quick Las Vegas ceremony in July, Bennifer’s real wedding extravaganza took place this past weekend on Affleck’s property in Georgia. It was reportedly a major event and was attended by a number of notable celebrities. One of the stars who wasn’t present, however, was Lopez’s good pal, Leah Remini. However, the actress had a good reason for missing out on the matrimonial activities. 

Those who’ve seen JLo and Leah Remini together over the years surely know that the two are thick as thieves. With that in mind, it would’ve had to have taken something massive for Remini to miss out on her girlfriend’s big day. Well, sources close to the actress told TMZ that Remini was preoccupied with a pretty sweet familial situation. Remini’s 18-year-old daughter, Sofia, is heading off to college, and the King of Queens alum reportedly wanted to spend some quality time with her before she leaves. 

You really can’t blame the star for missing out on the wedding, which sources say she was indeed invited to. One must also consider the fact that Sofia is the Second Act alum’s only child and, as a result, the devoted mother would probably feel an even greater obligation to be there for her during this time of transition. The Emmy winner seems to be quite close with her child and has posted about her on social media on occasion. Earlier this summer, on Sofia’s 18th birthday, the So You Think You Can Dance judge posted a sweet tribute: 

Leah Remini wasn’t the only notable celeb to have missed out on the wedding celebration. Believe it or not, Casey Affleck also missed out on his brother’s nuptials. Originally, Affleck provided a somewhat odd reason for missing the event, saying that he “fell asleep.” However, sources later claimed that he actually didn’t attend due to “family, parental obligations at home.” But that didn’t stop Affleck from welcoming JLo to the family with a sweet throwback. 

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck had plenty of support otherwise, though. For instance, Affleck’s longtime friend, Matt Damon, was in attendance as were Affleck’s Clerks 3 co-stars Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes. Amid the wedding weekend, Smith actually dropped a funny post about dressing up for the occasion. (Spoiler alert: He kept it classy while also maintaining his signature sense of style.)

Aside from Bennifer’s paparazzi-filled honeymoon, the A-list couple seems to be floating on air at the moment. Reports suggest that JLo adorably loves that she can now officially refer to the Batman actor as her husband. It’s been a long journey for them (to say the least), so it’s only natural that they’d relish this new stage in their lives. 

Though Leah Remini didn’t get to witness the two become one, I’m sure she’ll touch base with the newlywed couple at some point. And whenever they do, it goes without saying that they’re going to have plenty to catch up on.

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