After Performing At JLo And Ben Affleck's Wedding, Singer Marc Cohn Explains How He Ended Up There

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Although Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez officially got married in Las Vegas back in July, the extravagant second ceremony, which occurred after their honeymoon in Italy, was held on August 20 at Affleck’s Savannah, Georgia estate, the same place where Bennifer had planned to wed back in 2003. JLo shared some information about the Georgia event in the latest edition of her newsletter, which included revealing that they invited singer Marc Cohn to perform there. Now Cohn has shared how he was specifically looped into the wedding.

Taking to his Twitter account, Marc Cohn, who kicked off his singing career in the mid-‘80s and is best known for the 1991 song “Walking in Memphis,” detailed how Jennifer Lopez reached out to see if he would like to appear at the wedding and sing two of his other well-known songs as a surprise treat for Affleck. As the singer explained over two tweets:

A few weeks ago I got a lovely and unexpected call from @JLo. She asked if I would please come and surprise @BenAffleck by performing ‘The Things We've Handed Down’ and ‘True Companion’ during their upcoming wedding ceremony. Apparently those songs held a special meaning for them both and she knew my presence would be extremely moving for her groom. Of course I was honored to be asked and everything went according to plan.

Per Jennifer Lopez’s newsletter, Marc Cohn started off by singing “The Things We’ve Handed Down” as the bride walked down the aisle, and she was preceded by her and Affleck’s five children. It was an appropriate choice given that the song is about, as JLo put it “the wonderful mystery of children.” Then, when the eldest of the children finished their walk, Cohn started singing “True Companion,” and according to the Hustlers actress, this moment for Ben Affleck “both shocked him and allowed him to feel the way both roads we had walked found their way, inevitably, inexorably, and perfectly together.” Cohn then shared what happened next with the following tweet:

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Marc Cohn capped off his recollection of Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s wedding by sharing how thankful he was to be there, particularly because he was able to see firsthand just how much his work meant to these two celebrities.

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While Jennifer Lopez wasn’t happy about that video of her wedding being leaked to the public, she was more than ok with sharing March Cohn’s role in the ceremony, and now the singer has provided his side of the story. Another highlight from the wedding was Ben Affleck referencing his and JLo’s original engagement during his speech, noting how the children they had as a result of not getting married in the early 2000s is, as an unnamed source put it, "proof that everything happens for a reason.” As for how things are going for the couple now that they’re married, apparently JLo is getting a kick out of frequently calling Affleck “my husband.”

We’ll continue passing along news on how these newlyweds are doing in their personal lives, but as far as their professional endeavors go, Jennifer Lopez will be seen later this year in Shotgun Wedding and The Mother, which will be streamable with an Amazon Prime subscription and Netflix subscription, respectively. Meanwhile, Ben Affleck has a cameo lined up in Clerks III, which comes out later this month, and is also set to reprise Bruce Wayne/Batman in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and The Flash.

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