After JLo’s Wedding To Ben Affleck, Casey Affleck Welcomes Her To The Family With Sweet Throwback

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(Image credit: Casey Affleck in Manchester by the Sea and JLo in Marry Me)

There are celebrity couples, and then there’s Bennifer. The public was shocked when Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck reunited, and the pair of A-listers recently tied the knot, before having a wedding party with loved ones in Georgia. And after JLo’s wedding to Affleck, his brother Casey Affleck welcomed her to the family with a sweet throwback. Even if he missed some of the celebrations after falling asleep

While Ben Affleck is an accomplished filmmaker and actor, he’s not the only one in the business in his family. His brother Casey won the Oscar for his performance in Manchester by the Sea, and now he’s playing a new role in the form of JLo’s brother-in-law. Casey Affleck welcomed the iconic multihyphenate to the family with a sweet post on Instagram, check it out below:

How cute is that? Along with a vintage photo of the three together, Casey Affleck shared a personal message welcoming Jennifer Lopez to the family. And while they’ve likely had this conversation in private as well, the generations of Bennifer fans were no doubt thrilled to be cued into this relationship thanks to social media. This is especially true considering the star-studded wedding party that recently occurred for the pair.

Casey Affleck’s comments show that celebrities truly are just like us. Because his message of welcoming Jennifer Lopez to the “dysfunction” of their family unit is one that many of us can relate to. Who doesn’t feel like their loved ones are crazy every now and then? Even if our families don’t have multiple Oscar winners in their ranks.

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck surprised the public when they got married in Las Vegas last month in a seemingly no-fuss ceremony. But the newlyweds eventually got to have a glamorous party, with last weekend in Georgia containing a number of activities for their loved ones. Celeb guests rocked all-white outfits for the big event, including Affleck’s collaborator Kevin Smith.

Bennifer 2.0 seems stronger than ever, with the two no doubt learning a great deal from the first time they date each other so publicly. The two were the subject of countless headlines at the time, as well as constantly being followed by the paparazzi. While Affleck and JLo are just as famous nowadays, they’re older, more experienced, and are parents. And that presumably puts things like fame in a new perspective.

With the marriage in the books, it should be fun to see if social media reveals more about Jennifer Lopez and Ben Afflecks’ families blend. Casey Affleck’s welcome post feels like just the tip of the iceberg, with fans clamoring for more access to Bennifer. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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