John Krasinski's Quiet Place Spinoff Just Hit A Setback

John Krasinski running with a kid in A Quiet Place
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No matter where a project may weigh in with prestige or budget, there’s always a chance that a movie like the spinoff to John Krasinski’s A Quiet Place series will hit a snag. However, the setback that’s hit this Paramount picture is a pretty big one, as the project has lost its director, Midnight Express helmer Jeff Nichols. But in the case of the Quiet Place spinoff, which was also written by Nichols, this big setback comes with an amicable reasoning behind it. 

As it turns out, Paramount is excited for another project that Jeff Nichols has lined up in house, and the studio didn’t want to wait to make it a reality. Per a report from Deadline, Nichols’ pivot has triggered a high priority search for the person who will fill his directing slot on the Quiet Place spinoff. Considering how A Quiet Place Part II opened in theaters earlier this year, it’s no surprise that Paramount would want to keep the train moving on this mysterious expansion. 

While this spinoff may not be about the continuing adventures of the Abbott family, it still represents a major test in the Quiet Place brand. As A Quiet Place Part II was one of the earliest blockbusters in 2021’s grand reopening of theaters, audiences flocked back to the series that landed a surprise smash back in 2018. It’s a result that’s music to the studio’s ears, even as streaming originals are becoming more of a priority in house. 

In its own way, the development of A Quiet Place’s spinoff sparks some questions that relate to the growth of Paramount+. Much like Paranormal Activity: Next Of Kin, could this untitled project be seen as a direct to streaming original? Should that be the case, A Quiet Place could see itself growing on two fronts, with original anthological stories being branded as streaming content. Meanwhile, the mainstream franchise starring Emily Blunt, Millicent Simmonds, Noah Jupe and Cillian Murphy could continue the story as a theatrical moneymaker, keeping A Quiet Place Part III in the waters its franchise originated in. 

That’s just speculation, as again, not much is known about A Quiet Place’s spinoff. Which means fans are left to question a lot of details that aren’t readily known, like whether or not this is a prequel or sequel to either of the Quiet Place movies. All that’s known now is that Jeff Nichols, the man hand-picked by John Krasinski to bring this project to production, has moved from one mysterious unknown to another. How, or if, this will affect the future of the series is yet to be seen. 

At this moment, the untitled spinoff to A Quiet Place is set to be released on March 31, 2023. That could change depending on how fast this film gets back on track, but so far there’s no intention to hit the brakes. Meanwhile, if you want to see either A Quiet Place or A Quiet Place: Part II, both films are currently streaming on Paramount+, among other impressive titles available, on that very platform.

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