Johnny Depp Mystery Solved: We Now Know Why That Redheaded Woman Has Been Traveling With The Actor

Rumors started flying once again as this weekend saw Johnny Depp spotted with a mysterious red headed woman. Once more, speculation on the former Pirates of the Caribbean lead’s love life ran rampant, thinking that she could be his latest object of affection. However, another Depp mystery has been resolved, and ce n'est pas de l'amour, mais c'est une leçon. Or, in English, “it’s not love, it’s a lesson.” 

The linguistic fun and games up there are due to the fact that this still unnamed woman is, according to a report from the New York Post, Johnny Depp’s French teacher. Apparently, it’s all in service of Depp’s first post-trial film Jeanne du Barry, which has also gone by the title of La Favorite. Firming up the counterargument against the world’s amorous aspirations for the two, a supposed source close to Team Depp gave the following statement: 

There is not a romantic connection whatsoever.

It wasn’t that long ago when we were hearing rumors of Johnny Depp dating attorney Camille Vasquez, who recently reunited with Depp backstage at one of his European concert gigs. Though as the report above was keen to point out on that front, Vasquez’s boyfriend was along for the ride as well. So it looks like the Depp Dating Rumors board has just been set back to square one, with the next moves awaited by all. 

With all fairness, one can kind of see why some might continue to wait and see if something happens between Johnny Depp and this mysterious red-haired woman. Even with a firm denial in play, Depp’s dating history did see him in a long-term relationship with French singer/actress Vanessa Paradis. Even going as far as defending Depp during his ill-fated libel trial, some may think that this is the actor’s way of moving on romantically. Of course, that's not the official line, which once again states that all we're seeing here is a French teacher and her student on the road.

Things have moved pretty fast in this particular sphere, as professional and personal matters seem to be ramping up in the life of Johnny Depp. While the professional end is a more concrete matter to keep track of, it’s the personal that naturally draws more headlines. Much like Jason Momoa’s supposed romance with Eiza González, the reps are out in force to make sure that all reporting is as clean as possible.

For all we know, there’s someone out there just waiting to have a day’s worth of rumors as Johnny Depp’s next romantic partner. Again, this carousel is moving fast, and people are intrigued to see who he ends up with next. For now, all we know is that Depp will be in production on Jeanne de Barry soon, and Hulu subscribers can see his latest film Minimata, should people want to know when his next acting gig will come into play. 

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