Jason Momoa And His Ex Were Spotted Together Just Weeks After Alleged Split

Jason Momoa in the bar as Aquaman's Arthur Curry
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After his divorce from wife Lisa Bonet, Jason Momoa’s alleged romantic life has been as well-covered as the production of his upcoming movie Fast X. Shortly after his split from Bonet was announced, the two were spotted together, which inspired hope that they might reconcile. Flash forward to the current moment, in which similar thoughts have been stoked by the sight of Momoa and recent ex-girlfriend Eiza González after they were seen together just weeks after they had allegedly broken up. 

Jason Momoa and González first appeared together on the Ambulance red carpet, which kicked off the story the two were romantically involved back in May.  People is now reporting the action stars were seen exiting the same London restaurant, just minutes apart on the same night after spending a similar amount of time in the establishment together. How or why the supposed lovebirds were there is up for debate though, with conflicting reports divulging some very intriguing details. 

One source says the differences between Eiza González and Momoa are what’s split them up, as she’s more of a long-term dater and he’s supposedly not running into anything serious at the moment. Even with that alleged gulf between them, others seem to say the two are just seeing where things go, and continue to enjoy each other’s company. So, who knows what's really going on there?

Some have even expressed hopes that González and Momoa will work it out, despite scheduling conflicts (Momoa was recently away filming Fast X in Italy) and those key differences. Though right now is a good time to mention that Jason Momoa and Eiza González never really confirmed to the public their relationship was even a thing. As such, the breakup is also in the rumored camp at this point.

Eiza Gonzalez as Cam Thompson in Ambulance

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Between supportive co-parenting with Lisa Bonet, as well as intense work on films like Fast X, it is certainly true that Momoa has kept busy in recent months. Still, just as he confirmed he and Bonet were officially over, who knows what Jason might say in the near future to clear the air on this matter? Or perhaps not. He's not the only a-lister to recently remain mum about an alleged dating situation, either. Hayley Atwell and Tom Cruise allegedly dated after working together on Mission: Impossible 7 and that's only been confirmed on the rumor mill -- though she did attend the Top Gun: Maverick premiere

What we do know is that you can see Jason Momoa in both Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and Fast X, as they respectively debut as 2023 movie releases starting on March 17th and May 19th. As for Eiza González fans, you can catch her latest movie Ambulance on streaming, but only if you’re a Peacock Premium subscriber.

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