Little Miss Sunshine’s Abigail Breslin Is All Grown Up And Sharing A First Peek At Her Engagement Ring

If you’re anything like me, Abigail Breslin is cemented in your mind as the little girl from Signs always who thought her glasses of water were “contaminated” after a few sips. The reality, though, is that she’s all grown up and at the next milestone of her life. After long time boyfriend Ira Kunyansky proposed, the Little Miss Sunshine star is sharing a peek at her new engagement ring as she joins a number of other former child stars getting ready to tie the knot

Ira Kunyansky took to his Instagram recently to show off the newly engaged couple. It looks like he and now-fiancée Abigail Breslin had a romantic lobster dinner before heading to the beach, where Kunyansky proposed to Breslin under the blanket of night. The couple looks overjoyed about the engagement, and you can check out the post containing the pictures below:

Abigail Breslin has been with Ira Kunyansky for about five years, and the two have posted about each other on their respective social media accounts frequently since becoming a couple. As such, fans are well aware of the couple’s lengthy relationship and have come out with tons of congratulations on Kunyansku’s announcement post.

Ira Kunyansky isn’t the only one who wanted to share their love on social media, as Abigail Breslin, who had previously announced a break from social media after the devastating passing of her father, also posted about their engagement. She posted a close-up picture of her new engagement ring, with a caption that makes it pretty clear there was no question about what her answer to Kunyansky’s proposal would be. You can check both her beautiful ring and her caption in the post below:

While her new betrothed Ira Kunyansky is not an actor himself, Abigail Breslin is still pretty active in Hollywood, even though she’s no longer playing the little girl we all know and love from movies like Signs and Little Miss Sunshine. These days she may be more recognizable from her roles in the comedic zombie franchise Zombieland (you can check out both films with an HBO Max subscription) or the slasher satire series Scream Queens, which can be binged with a Hulu subscription

It looks like she’s continuing to explore the horror and comedy horror genres further in the future of her career as well, because she has a number of roles coming up. Her upcoming Slayers has her hunting vampires and she is in another dark role in The Cannibals’, which is just getting started with production.

Although it does not yet have a concrete release date, her upcoming film Slayers should be among the many new release films coming out this year. It looks as though we can expect some cool projects from her in the future, though it’s unclear how her new engagement and future wedding will influence how often we see her take up new projects after what she currently has in the works. 

Carlie Hoke
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