Matrix 4's Jessica Henwick Talks Pinch-Me Moment Meeting Keanu Reeves And What He’s Really Like

Jessica Henwick as Bugs in The Matrix Resurrections
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Over the years, Keanu Reeves has become more than just the actor who played Neo in The Matrix movies; he’s also a Hollywood legend and pop culture icon these days. So as you can imagine, the young leads on the set of the latest installment, The Matrix Resurrections, had their fan moments as they worked with the actor on his first Matrix film in almost 20 years. Jessica Henwick, who worked closely with Reeves as Bugs, recently shared her experience with him. 

Jessica Henwick has seen her share of big-budget scenarios, from appearing in a Star Wars movie to being part of Game of Thrones and Netflix’s Marvel universe. The actress said the following to The Hollywood Reporter about having a “fan-girl” moment over Keanu Reeves: 

When I’m playing someone, I do start to take on their qualities, so I think it was half me and half Bugs when I first met Keanu and had that pinch-me moment with him. Yes, his mystique is as real as people say, but he’s also just a normal guy. We got along well and we would talk about food and what we did the other night. He’s just a normal guy, but it’s interesting how he’s taken on this idol-like mantle over time. It’s fascinating. I don’t know what else to say about that because he’s so private, and I don’t want to infringe upon his privacy in any way.

Jessica Henwick apparently doesn’t usually geek out over the famous actors she has shared the screen with, but apparently Keanu Reeves was an exception. It does help that Reeves’ Neo is a bit of a celebrity within the universe to her character of Bugs, as she shared. That way the actress' reacted to Reeves could also bleed into her performance on camera. 

As Jessica Henwick shared, when it comes down to it, Keanu Reeves is “just a normal guy” with whom she had normal conversations about their days and favorite foods. It must be especially wild to engage in a typical colleague relationship with someone who has been memed, quoted and the subject of many crushes and fantasies. 

Keanu Reeves Jessica Henwick and Yahya Abdul Mateen II in The Matrix Resurrections

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The 29-year-old actress also shared that Keanu Reeves' “mystique” as a person is very much a real thing, despite her calling him a “normal” guy. The actor is notably a private person and a man of few words, and in the spirit of that, she kept it intact while answering a question about this aspect of the actor’s personality. 

The Matrix Resurrections hit theaters and HBO Max in late December, just as Spider-Man: No Way Home was becoming the highest-grossing pandemic-era movie. For a movie reportedly made on a $190 million budget, its commercial release was rather unsuccessful, claiming close to $141 million in worldwide box office earnings. The movie divided critics and audiences alike in how it was received, taking home a B- grade by moviegoers, per CinemaScore

You can check out CinemaBlend’s interviews with the cast of The Matrix Resurrections including with Keanu Reeves and Jessica Henwick and be sure to check out the movie in theaters or HBO Max before it is removed from the streaming service after January 21. 

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