Matthew Perry Has A Positive Message For Bruce Willis And A Not So Positive Message For A Movie They Co-Starred In

Following the announcement of Bruce Willis’ retirement from acting due to a health condition, many across the entertainment industry have been sending massive love to the actor. Massive names like Sylvester Stallone and John Travolta have reacted to the news and recalled memories of working with him. Another performer who has shared the screen with Willis is Matthew Perry, who starred alongside him on the big screen in The Whole Nine Yards and its sequel, The Whole Ten Yards. Upon hearing about his former co-star’s health condition, Perry had a positive message for him – and a not-so-positive comment on the sequel they made.

In many cases, actors can certainly have great experiences working with people on film or TV productions. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re pleased with the work itself. Matthew Perry’s recent Twitter post seems to indicate that this is the case for him when it comes to The Whole Ten Yards. In the message, he praised Bruce Willis as “the coolest man I've met in my entire life,” before humorously making a suggestion involving their 2004 crime comedy. See it for yourself down below: 

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2000’s The Whole Nine Yards saw the Friends star play a well-to-do Quebec dentist who discovers his new neighbor (played by the Die Hard icon) is a former hitman who’s being hunted. Eventually, the two characters struck up a friendship, which continued into the aforementioned sequel. While not a critical hit, the first movie did hit it big at the box office. However, the follow-up was a financial flop and was far from a critical success. 

Matthew Perry seems to agree that the movie isn’t truly worth a rewatch at this point. You still have to love that Perry dishes out his dry sense of humor when referencing the flick, though. And seriously, I think just about any of us could appreciate something that’ll give us a couple hours of well-needed shut-eye. All in all, it’s great to see that Perry has maintained his off-screen relationship with his co-star. I am also wondering, however, what Perry thinks about rewatching his colleague’s brief guest stint on Friends.

Bruce Willis’ family collectively announced his retirement from acting in a statement shared by his wife, Emma Heming Willis. Aphasia, the condition the 67-year-old actor has been diagnosed with, is a cognitive disorder that affects a person’s ability to comprehend spoken language and written word. Since his diagnosis was made public, new details have emerged regarding the support Willis has received from his wife and others. The star’s spouse is said to be working with “several professionals” and ensuring that her hubby has the best doctors possible. 

The support the Hollywood legend has received over the last week and a half has been nothing short of heartwarming. Tributes from his ex-wife, Demi Moore, and Unbreakable director M. Night Shyamalan have highlighted not only the Armageddon star’s acting abilities but his character as well. A particularly sweet story came from his Looper co-star, Joseph Gordon Levitt. The star recalled the Fifth Element lead giving him a compliment that he’s never forgotten

As Bruce Willis and his family continue to act accordingly during what they’ve referred to as “a really challenging time,” they’ll likely continue to receive love from fans and stars alike. And I’m now hoping that Willis and Matthew Perry are able to get together to catch some z’s.

For those who are curious about their two movies though, you can stream The Whole Nine Yards for free on Tubi and rent The Whole Ten Yards with an Amazon Prime subscription. You can also find some of the best Bruce Willis movies to watch across other streaming platforms.

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