Michael B. Jordan Called Out A Journalist For Saying He Was Corny. She Says It Never Happened

Michael B. Jordan in Creed 3
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Class reunions can be the absolute worst, a lesson the host of The Morning Hustle Lore’l learned publicly during a red carpet interview with Michael B. Jordan. While speaking on the red carpet before the premiere of Creed III, the interviewer mentioned she and The Black Panther star had gone to the same school in Newark, to which Jordan replied, “The corny kid, right?” She denies having said that during the awkward exchange, and now the journalist claims that what she was “called out? for never even happened. 

TMZ Hip Hop caught up with The Undressing Room Podcast host to discuss the online reaction and fallout post-Jordan’s claims. Lore’l told the outlet that while the veteran The Wire actor was definitely the focus of some teasing during their time together in school, she never called him “corny,” She claims the confusion comes from a 2021 episode of her podcast where her cohost Dominique Da Diva said she thinks the Hollywood A-Lister seemed like a “nice, corny guy” and that the comment was misremembered as her own school story. The website The Shade Room, known for trending celebrity news, drudged up the 2021 clip and posted it to their Instagram, proving Lore’l’s memory about the comment to be accurate. In the podcast clip, you can hear Dominique say:

You know what I really think deep down inside? I think that Michael B. Jordan is a nice, corny guy, and I don’t mean that as a slight. We all know the nice, corny guys treat you the best.

Dominique Da Diva

While it appears that Lore’l is correct, she never called Jordan “corny,” however, she did admit in the 2021 episode to have taken part in some of the jokes made at the actor’s expense. According to the host, many classmates bullied the Fantastic Four star because his name was the same as the iconic Chicago Bulls player and Space Jam star. She also claims that he would bring headshots to school. Lore’l says in the clip:

You know what’s so crazy? I went to school with Michael B. Jordan at a point in life, and we went to Chad Science in Newark, and to be honest with you, we teased him all the damn time because his name was Michael Jordan. Like, let’s start there, and he was no Michael Jordan. And he would come to school with headshots, and back then, that was like, we lived in Newark… like, that’s, that’s the hood. You know? We would make fun of him, like, “whatcha gonna do with your stupid little headshots?” and now look at him.

Lore'l says she only went to school with Jordan for one year before she moved to another school. Despite their history and the awkward red-carpet exchange, the interviewer told TMZ she has no “beef” with the actor and is still “rooting for him.” 

It’s common for kids to pick on someone for their name, and it can only be exasperated if you share a name with a famous sports star. However, Michael B. Jordan looks to have gotten the last laugh by achieving pretty much everything he has set out to do. The actor is set to star in Creed III and make his directorial debut. The actor’s first directorial effort looks solid based on early reviews of Creed III. Jordan’s story should teach you to be careful who you make fun of in high school because someday, they may be a megastar ready to call you out publicly in a brutally awkward moment.

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