Move To Australia Seems To Be Treating Chris Hemsworth's Family Well As 8-Year-Old Just Landed A Surfing Milestone

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We know Chris Hemsworth as an action star who could throw a few punches and an ax harder than anyone, but he's also a proud father. He shares eight-year-old twin sons and a 10-year-old daughter with his loving wife Elsa Pataky. It seems that their move away from Hollywood to Hemsworth’s native Australia was a good idea for the family, as one of his eight-year-old sons landed a surfing milestone.

Chris Hemsworth seems like the kind of father who’s not afraid to encourage his sons to be adventurous. This proud papa shared to the world on Instagram a video of his son tube-riding ahead of a group of surfers in Surf Lakes. There’s also a black-and-white photo of his son in action tackling this wave. You can see the picture and read the post's caption below:

Downtime with the MCU veteran means you’re in for a lot of adventurous fun. A couple of days ago, he posted on Instagram videos and a photo of his sons riding dirt bikes. I wouldn’t be surprised if those kids learn how to drive before they turn 13. At the beginning of August, Hemsworth also took his sons on a camping trip with some friendly kangaroos inviting themselves to the party. Clearly Australia is the place to be for the Hemsworth clan.

In 2015, the Hemsworth family moved to Byron Bay, New South Wales. The reason for this move away from Hollywood was to avoid being seen in the public eye 24/7. Of course, it doesn’t mean that things have always been pleasant with other Aussie residents. You would think Hemsworth's new move to the "Land Down Under" would make other Aussies thrilled, but has actually led locals to say they don’t want Chris Hemsworth, among other celebrities, there. After all, celebrities making their mark on the new territory can mean that area becomes a tourist attraction as well as being priced out by soaring real estate prices. While this may cause tension amongst Australian residents, the Extraction star is an Aussie himself and just wants to make a life with his family in his home and native land. Hemsworth and his family have been living in Sydney, Australia as of 2021, but still visit Byron Bay on the weekends. 

Other than spending time with his family, Chris Hemsworth has a lot of upcoming film projects to keep him busy. He’s set to be part of the all-star cast of the Mad Max: Fury Road spinoff Furiosa and has wrapped filming of Netflix’s Extraction sequel. Maybe we can see a reappearance of him playing Thor yet again in the MCU. This 39-year-old truly has his work cut out for him not only with the success of his film career, but having a loving family as well.

As Chris Hemsworth’s son continues treading waves on the Australian waters, it doesn’t look like the Hemsworth family is leaving “the Sunburnt Country” anytime soon. Keep up with CinemaBlend’s new movie release schedule to stay apprised on Hemsworth’s latest films.

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