Chris Hemsworth Has Wrapped On Extraction 2, See How He Celebrated

Chris Hemsworth as Tyler Rake in Netflix's Extraction
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Chris Hemsworth has a number of projects on the way, but the one that’s kept him occupied over the last few months is Netflix’s Extraction 2. Production on the highly anticipated sequel has been a true feat, with the cast and crew working to deliver what looks to be a massive movie. Well, one part of the creative journey has officially come to an end for the star, as he has officially wrapped filming. With this, Hemsworth took to social media to celebrate the special occasion. 

The Australian actor has been keeping fans updated with the film’s progress since it began shooting months ago. So it was only fitting that he marked the milestone with an Instagram post. In it, he shared a video of himself addressing the crew, thanking them for their hard work. He also expressed his thanks in the accompanying caption:

That’s a wrap ! Another Extraction film down. Shaping up to be an epic franchise which has only been possible with the blood, [sweat], tears and passion of our amazing cast and crew. Massive thankful to everyone who’s been with us through this journey and cheers to many more, much love team. Can’t wait for you all to see this one!

Those who’ve been keeping up with the film’s production process likely know that it’s been a true labor of love. Chris Hemsworth, who has starred in his fair share of blockbuster films, definitely knows that it takes a village to make a movie of this scale. It’s great to see him take the time to address his collaborators and acknowledge their efforts. You can see his on-set speech in the post below:

Though the leading man has finished his work, the cameras aren’t done rolling just yet. Director Sam Hargrave also took to his own Instagram account to clarify that he and his team still have a few more days of shooting. Still, he shared in the Tyler Rake actor’s excitement and sent some praise his way:

That’s a wrap for Tyler Rake! We’ve got another week left of shooting but man has it been an epic run!! Thanks to @chrishemsworth for another amazing performance and for being such a fantastic collaborator. A true legend.

Chris Hemsworth and co. have had an eventful time on the set of the new Extraction movie since production began in December 2021. Hemsworth celebrated the start of shooting with a snowy pic and has since shared various tidbits like funny “stunt” videos and even a sweet pic of him and his son on set.

Not much is known about the plot at this point, except for the fact that it will mark the return of lead character Tyler Rake, who seemingly survived the events of the franchise’s first installment. So far, the sequel has been teasing a way different setting, which makes it look nothing like the first movie. Fans probably hav their questions, though early teases hint that they could be in for another exciting and action-packed adventure!

A release date hasn’t been announced for Extraction 2 yet but, while you wait for more news, you can stream the original film with a Netflix subscription and check out CinemaBlend’s schedule for 2022 movie releases.

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