New Halloween Ends Image Features A Nod To John Carpenter’s Original

Jamie Lee Curtis in Halloween.
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It’s a great time to be a horror fan, as the genre has been experiencing a thrilling renaissance in the film industry. Some of the best horror movies have returned thanks to new sequels, including the massively successful 2018 Halloween flick. Two more sequels were quickly ordered, with David Gordon behind the camera for all three. And a new Halloween Ends image features a nod to John Carpenter’s original.

Filmmaker John Carpenter changed the horror genre forever with the 1978 original Halloween movie, making a star out of Jamie Lee Curtis in the process. The current trilogy serves as a direct sequel to that movie, ignoring all the previous sequels and timelines. Halloween Ends will wrap up that story, and also serve as Curtis’ final performance as Laurie Strode. A new image from the slasher is circulating around Twitter, where Michael Myers is actually turning the knitting needle back on the final girl. Check it out below,

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I mean, how cool is that? After Halloween Kills kept Michael and Laurie away from each other, fans can’t wait to see them come to blows in the upcoming threequel. And it looks like this time Jamie Lee Curtis’ character might be at the pointy end of the knitting needle. Ouch.

The above image is sure to thrill the hardcore Halloween fans out there, especially as we haven’t gotten much footage from the highly anticipated threequel Halloween Ends. In it we see Laurie and Michael meeting face to face (face to mask?), in what is sure to be a grisly fight scene. Jamie Lee Curtis’ character has a number of wounds on her face, while trying desperately to stop Michael from killing her with her own knitting needle. It looks like The Shape wants revenge from his famous injury from the first movie.

During the final chase sequence of John Carpenter’s original Halloween movie, Laurie manages to get the upper hand on Michael a few times. Obviously they have their infamous confrontation when Laurie is fighting in the closet, but she also jabs him with a knitting needle before that after he nearly stabs her arm. As a reminder, you can watch the entire sequence go down below,

Having a knitting needle factor into the action of Halloween Ends further shows just how much David Gordon Green and writer Danny McBride love John Carpenter’s original movie. Indeed, the 2018 sequel features the same use of tension, while Halloween Kills brought back original actors from the movie. What’s more, Carpenter is an executive producer and has written the new movies’ music. While the contents of Halloween Ends are currently a mystery, smart money says the knitting needle won’t be the only nod to the 1978 slasher.

Halloween Ends will arrive in theaters and streaming on Peacock October 14th. In the meantime, check out the 2022 movie release dates to plan your next movie experience. 

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