Bella Thorne Went Full Baywatch For Latest Viral Selfie

Bella Thorne Baywatch

Former Disney kid Bella Thorne has been making a name for herself (and an absolute killing) on more mature platforms like Pornhub and OnlyFans over the past few years. As her fanbase continues to grow, it seems like she just keeps coming up with more creative ways to appease her massive following. Now, in her latest viral selfie, the actress, singer, and adult film director went full high-glam Baywatch.

Bella Thorne decided to break the internet last week by donning the iconic Baywatch red one piece swimsuit and posing for some pictures in the sand. It's honestly impressive how the series of shots in her viral Instagram post are so reminiscent of the sexy lifeguard series made famous by Pamela Anderson. You can check out Thorne and her lucky whistle below:

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Despite the visor clearly reading “lifeguard”, Bella Thorne makes it pretty clear she’s not saving anyone from the ocean in that outfit. Her caption claims she’d rather take a selfie, and fans seem totally OK with drowning for the sake of her snapshots.

Bella Thorne has proven time and time again that she knows just how to work her body to get a response and, although some of those responses are hate-filled, she gets plenty of love too. Her Baywatch-inspired selfie has over 1 million likes, and thousands of positive comments. It would seem Thorne has plenty of celebrity fans full of support too, as icons like Paris Hilton and Ridiculous’ Chanel West Coast both left plenty of fire emojis in the comments.

As fire as Bella Thorne looks in her Baywatch ensemble, she’s not the only one channeling the spirit of ‘90s Pamela Anderson. Lily James is playing dress up too, and she looks nearly identical to Anderson’s CJ Parker.

But unlike Bella Thorne, Lily James isn’t just soaking up the sun in her red one piece just for some likes, as she’s currently working on the upcoming miniseries Pam & Tommy. She will portray Pamela Anderson opposite Sebastian Stan’s Tommy Lee, as the show tells the story of their heavily-covered relationship, during which they were married after only knowing each other a few days. The show will also tackle the controversy revolving around their leaked sex tape.

What was once a casting choice that raised a lot of eyebrows (especially since director Craig Gillespie has ties to seemingly perfect for the part Margot Robbie), Lily James as Pamela Anderson has, so far, turned out to be a pretty perfect fit. Bella Thorne’s Baywatch-inspired post may have gone more viral with more likes, but it’s pretty obvious that James has captured the spirit of the OG beach babe a bit more closely.

Pam & Tommy is still in production but is set to release on Hulu. There is not currently a release date for the eight-episode limited series but, ahead of its release, Bella Thorne is certainly making the wait worth it!

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