See Paris Jackson Playing Jesus In New Movie With Bella Thorne

Gringo's Paris Jackson 2018

Paris Jackson has jumped from being an it girl on social media who shares body positive topless photos to becoming a Hollywood figure in her own right, just like her famous pops. After a stint on Fox’s former series Star and in the flick Gringo, Jackson is next set to star in a new movie called Habit opposite Bella Thorne. In it, she’ll play none other than Jesus.

Habit is a currently in the post-production process, says producer Donavan Leitch. The new movie – as I’m sure you’ve guessed – involves nuns and will, in fact, revolve around a party girl who hides out as a nun after witnessing a drug deal gone wrong. That girl is played by none other than Bella Thorne.

Paris Jackson’s casting was already announced as well, but according to a new image Leitch shared with Fox News, she’ll be playing Jesus in the movie, which he also said will be “inspired by early Tarantino. You can take a look below.

Paris Jackson playing Jesus in new movie

The movie actually finished filming already, so right now editing work is able to be done to get the flick together and hopefully out to audiences sooner than the production team initially expected. It’s coming from the team behind Mudbound, which stars Jason Clarke, Carey Mulligan, Garrett Hedlund, Jason Mitchell, Jonathan Banks, and Mary J. Blige. That flick was up for several awards during the season it came out back in 2017.

So, Habit should be in pretty good hands. I’m interested to see how the whole thing plays out. There’s no doubt both Paris Jackson and Bella Thorne are popular names, but neither have had that one project that has really pushed them to the next level. Case in point:

Although, I suppose you could argue the porn flick Bella Thorne directed gave her a certain level of notoriety. Thorne also recently appeared on The Masked Singer.

Regardless, post-production will likely take a while, but as soon as Habit gets a trailer, we’ll certainly bring it to your attention. Ultimately, I have no idea how this Jesus component will play into the film with Paris Jackson in the role. Reminds me of that Ariana Grande song though.

Habit will also start Gavin Rossdale, who has acted in a few thing prior but is mostly known for his music with the band Bush. Janell Shirtcliff will direct the flick, which was written by Suki Kaiser.

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