OG Jurassic Park Stars Unite With World Stars At Dominion Premiere, And I'm Super Obsessed With This Chris Pratt And Laura Dern Moment

Chris Pratt and the OG Jurassic Park cast in Dominion trailer 2022.
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We have officially arrived at the week where Jurassic World: Dominion stops being an upcoming movie, and starts playing at a theater near you. After early showings in international markets, the big Hollywood premiere of director Colin Trevorrow’s epic conclusion has brought us that much closer to the flick's theatrical release. With legacy stars colliding with the Jurassic World cast, some great photos have emerged from the event; and I’m super obsessed with one Chris Pratt and Laura Dern moment that came out of it. 

As the Dominion family took their places on the blue carpet at the TCL Chinese Theater, onlookers were treated to several members of the cast posing for the camera. Among those other wonderful shots that were taken at this big premiere event, a candid shot between Chris Pratt and original Jurassic Park star Laura Dern was one that really caught my eye. You can see why, as a camera at the premiere captured a really lovely moment, below. 

Chris Pratt and Laura Dern on the red carpet

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If the Jurassic World: Dominion cast meeting up in the trailers hadn’t sold you on the majesty of this massive crossover event, then that photo just might be the thing to do it. It practically looks like Laura Dern is sending Chris Pratt off to dino camp, as the two stand grasping each other's arms, Dern with a proud smile. That’s the look of two stars who have fought off dinosaurs, and lived to tell the tale. 

Even more excitement was present in a fuller photo call, with cast members like BD Wong and Dewanda Wise, as well as director/co-writer Colin Trevorrow and co-writer Emily Carmichael present. One big Jurassic family was present for this next awesome moment at last night's unveiling: 

More of the cast of Jurassic World: Dominion on the blue carpet

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For a movie that is aiming to honor the Jurassic Park legacy, Jurassic World: Dominion's premiere images seemingly prove that'll be a success. Though that depends on which side of the critical divide you land on, as Dominion’s first reactions are rather mixed. Still, it felt good to see Laura Dern and Chris Pratt alongside Bryce Dallas Howard and Jeff Goldblum, and mixing it up at this huge debut. Especially when a particularly eager and rather prehistoric gate crasher also made an appearance at last night’s studio premiere: 

The cast of Jurassic World: Dominion on the blue carpet.

(Image credit: Steve Granitz/FilmMagic)

Good luck telling a Tyrannosaurus they can’t attend a showing of Jurassic World: Dominion. Though it could have been worse: the Giganotosaurus, aka “The Joker of Dinosaurs,” according to director Colin Trevorrow, could have showed up. If nature documentaries, as well as the five Jurassic movies before this, have taught me anything, it’s that two apex predators in one setting usually leads to a rumble. Though it is worth noting that I'm surprised that Chris Pratt didn't repeat his previous T-Rex-based antics, which is kind of a slight bummer as the first time was rather hilarious. 

At least in the world of reality, the balance between legacy and current Jurassic World stars has been struck. Seeing Laura Dern’s moment with Chris Pratt does really give off a proud mentor/mentee vibe, and it’s a lovely thing to see. Let’s hope that sort of excitement is what Jurassic Park fans are filled with when they’re walking out of Dominion this weekend. 

If you’re looking to go where the dinosaurs roam, Jurassic World: Dominion opens domestically, and in several new international territories, with early showings this Thursday. Friday marks the official wide release, so make your plans accordingly, and don’t forget to buy some extra popcorn. You never know what sort of beasts will show up to this latest creature feature.

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