Prince William’s Favorite Christmas Movie Is A Total Classic (And Now I Need To Watch It)

Prince William gives an interview on BBC News.
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When it comes to the best Christmas movies, there are many directions a person could go in choosing their favorite. There are heart-warming classics like It’s a Wonderful Life, comedic mainstays like Home Alone or big holiday action films like Die Hard (wait, that is a Christmas movie, right?). But what about if you’re part of the Royal Family and have three little ones running around? Prince William just named his favorite Christmas movie, and it’s making me think it’s time to revisit this classic.

Prince William recently spoke to Radio Marsden Hospital’s radio station from Kensington Palace, revealing a certain Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel comedy to be his choice for favorite Christmas movie. His reasoning behind the choice (via Marie Claire) was pretty solid, as well.

I would have to say, probably Elf. It's very funny and I keep watching it every Christmas and it still makes me laugh.

Elf is a great choice for favorite Christmas movie, and I’d have to agree with the Duke of Cambridge about its humor standing up even after multiple viewings. It’s also the perfect choice for a father of three, and I’d give anything to see one of the Royal Family barging through the door, shouting, “I’m in love, I’m in love, and I don’t care who knows it!”

It's also interesting that Prince William chose a fun film like Elf, since Christmases at Buckingham Palace are pretty fancy affairs, filled with black-tie events. It’s nice that Prince William, with Kate Middleton and their children George, Charlotte and Louis, take the time during the holidays to wind down with tales of a human-sized elf passing through the seven levels of the Candy Cane forest, through the seas of swirly, twirly gum drops and right through the Lincoln Tunnel. It’s probably a needed escape from all of his royal demands.

If we’re talking about escaping, Prince William also didn’t choose any of the myriad royal-themed Christmas movies. Hallmark and Netflix, specifically, have an abundance of prince- and princess-themed holiday films, and while they are inexplicably addicting, perhaps some of those hit a little too close to home. Instead he went for New York City-based film a naive elf trying to bond with his father.

Elf is a feel-good classic with heartwarming messages of being yourself, singing loudly to spread Christmas cheer and eating your spaghetti with syrup on top. It’s no surprise that its humor holds up, with a cast that includes — on top of comedy legend Will Ferrell and Zooey Deschanel — Bob Newhart, Ed Asner, Kyle Gass, Andy Richter, Peter Dinklage and Amy Sedaris.

If you haven’t discovered the wonder of Elf, take Prince William’s suggestion and watch it now. I certainly think it’s about time for a repeat viewing. Elf is available for streaming on multiple services, including HBO Max (opens in new tab), with a subscription, or you can buy or rent it on Prime (opens in new tab). Be sure to check out our 2022 Movie Release Schedule to see what is coming your way in the new year.

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