Reese Witherspoon Just Jumped On The ‘She’s A 10’ Trend, And I Can So Relate To Her Example

Reese Witherspoon as Elle Woods with dog Bruiser in Legally Blonde
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We can all agree that Reese Witherspoon is a 10 for many reasons. She entertains audiences with her comedic and dramatic roles, with some of Witherspoon's best movies including Legally Blonde, Walk the Line and Wild, and she also headlines her own production company, Hello Sunshine. Now this American actress and producer has joined the “She’s a 10” TikTok trend for a reason we all can relate to. 

When cinephiles such as ourselves think of fall, we could be thinking about the big fall movies we’re looking forward to. Reese Witherspoon has the fall season on her mind too using the TikTok "She's a 10" trend in an Instagram post from August 31st to explain that she considers herself a 10, but she has her fall candles ready while in August.

In the Instagram video, the Legally Blonde star begins her video starting with the caption “Me the minute the temps drop below 75°" written across the video. She sits on the front steps of her cabin throwing colorful leaves out of a basket with a big smile on her face. We see brief clips of fall beauty all around her through a shed covered in gourds and fall-themed candle lit, and she's holding a giant mug of her pumpkin-spiced latte. Reese Witherspoon's porch is surrounded by pumpkins, and The Morning Show actress has her cranberry-colored cardigan and brown boots ready for the season. She really is “Fall’s #1 fan.”

The “He’s/She’s a 10” trend is a social game from TikTok where you present scenarios of rating a fictional someone a 10 or sometimes lower followed by a negative trait. This addictive social game started on May 31st in a TikTok video posted by user @leahhwoodss. where she and her friends played it in the car. Each player took turns presenting different scenarios like “He’s a nine, but he only looks good in hats.” Then the other players in the car gave their ratings like “an eight” or a “seven and a half.” This video gained 1.4 million views in three weeks. Other celebrities followed suit with their own videos, like the cast of Never Have I Ever playing the game during a series of interviews as well as best friends Selena Gomez and Francia Raisa playing the game together too. This trend just proves that while someone may have a high rating in your book, we all carry our own flaws.

Reese Witherspoon has plenty to look forward to as we enter the final months of the year. Other than being surrounded by multi-colored leaves for the next couple of months, she has the launch of her first children’s book on October 4th called Busy Betty about a young girl attempting to give her smelly dog a bath with the help of her best friend, Mae. Production also began for the third season of her Apple TV+ series The Morning Show. The fall season is sure to bring out good vibes for the Louisiana native.

This Oscar winner is definitely a 10 in my book, but Legally Blonde 3 movie is just taking so long! Keep up with CinemaBlend’s new movie releases so you can find out what upcoming movies Reese Witherspoon will appear in next. 

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