Sandra Bullock Jokes About Enduring Friendship With Speed Co-Star And Pal Keanu Reeves

Speed is one of those action flicks you absolutely must watch when it pops up on television. The film not only propelled Sandra Bullock and Keanu Reeves to Hollywood superstardom but spawned a friendship that still endures to this day. Even years after the movie premiered, Bullock and Reeves continue to be part of each other’s lives. While it might sound endearing, The Lost City actress is all about joking over the real reason for their enduring friendship.

The mutual attraction between Annie Potter and Jack Traven could’ve led to the co-stars becoming a real-life couple. Instead, they decided to keep things professional and formed a loving-but-platonic relationship. According to Insider, that relationship might be a little more subservient on the Oscar winner’s end. The Bullet Train actress jokingly spoke about how a bet made on the set turned into a decades-long commitment to her former Speed co-star.

I clean his house every Thursday. It’s sort of a thing that we had. I lost a bet when we did ‘Speed,’ and I said, ’Well, if it’s not true, I’ll clean your house.' I think I’ve done a pretty good job. I mean, I stay out of certain rooms, but I respect it. Other than cleaning his house on Thursdays, I see him maybe once or twice a year.

So, it’s not so much a friendship as it is a debt of servitude from one co-star to another… got it! I mean, I can't even imagine what a bet would be that would require weekly housecleaning visits for three decades. Of course, cleaning Reeve’s house every Thursday would be a real commitment on Bullock’s part. She is constantly busy between her movie career and family life. Not to mention that she could be anywhere in the world at any time. Talk about making long treks for a debt.

While Speed was the jumping-off point for their platonic relationship, the co-stars have reunited onscreen only once for the time-bending romantic drama The Lake House. While sparks have always flown onscreen, they could’ve translated into a real-life romance if the two actors wanted a real one. While filming the beloved cult classic, the co-stars had mutual crushes on each other. The Oscar winner was the first one to admit she had feelings for Reeves during a 2018 Ellen interview. The daytime talk show became crush central as the Matrix: Resurrections actor revealed a year later that he hadn't known, but the feelings were mutual. So, the former co-stars could’ve become a Hollywood power couple. Instead, they chose friendship over a possible relationship burnout.

Both actors’ Speed fame is still paying forward as they are busy being movie stars. Bullock is currently starring with Channing Tatum and Daniel Radcliffe in the action-comedy The Lost City. Reeves will be heard in the animated DC movie DC League of Super-Pets while John Wick 4 won’t drop until 2023. Of course, the former co-stars have more upcoming movies lined up for 2022. Before the end of their careers, it would be nice to see them recapture their onscreen chemistry once more.

If you want to relive the Hollywood icons trying to keep a bus’ speed above 50 miles per hour, you can stream Speed by subscribing to multiple platforms, including HBO Max, Amazon Prime, and Hulu.

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