See Alexandra Daddario Sweetly Kick Off Her Honeymoon By Saving A Turtle In The Road

Alexandra Daddario just had what appeared to be an amazing wedding, and now is the time for an equally amazing honeymoon. This part usually involves running off to some beautiful and/or fun vacation destination and relaxing with your new life partner. Or, for Alexandra Daddario, it apparently means rescuing wildlife, in this case a turtle, from being crushed in the road. 

 Alexandra Daddario and her longtime partner Andrew Form recently were driving down the road and saw a tortoise in distress. It was trying to cross a busy road and was likely to either suffer a horrendous fate itself, lead to what could be a bad traffic accident, or both. Luckily, Daddario was there to save the day. Daddario posted the video of the rescue to Instagram along with a caption mentioning this was an activity she and Form got up to on their honeymoon. 

This video will certainly make for an interesting counterpoint to the rest of Alexandra Daddario’s social media posts. Most of the pictures we see there are simply of Daddario looking stunning with looks that might cause traffic accidents themselves including a recent photo of her Disney princess-worthy wedding dress from her nuptials in New Orleans. Here we get to see her looking much more casual, and doing something that is beautiful in a very different way. 

It’s always nice when a celebrity that you’re a fan of also turns out to be a nice person as well. Not everybody would stop to make sure that the little creature wasn’t seriously hurt. Alexandra Daddario doesn’t simply move the little guy out of the road, but takes it into a nearby housing development, thus ensuring that it will be a long time before the turtle makes it back to the road, and increasing the odds it will simply pick a new destination entirely.

Of course, given the traffic we see, this move put Daddario herself at not-inconsiderable risk, making it a somewhat brave decision as well. The animal wasn’t that far into the road but any car trying to avoid hitting the creature or the actress could have caused a problem itself. Luckily, the ending of all this was not tragic but heartwarming.

Hopefully, this good karma will help make the rest of the honeymoon for the newlyweds a special experience. After a few months of headlines including a stalking incident, the Baywatch actress deserves a wonderful honeymoon and now there’s a small creature that probably hopes she has a great time too.

Dirk Libbey
Content Producer/Theme Park Beat

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