That Time Tom Felton Was Sick And His Mom Bought Him The Nicest Harry Potter Surprise

Draco Malfoy in scene with Harry Potter
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While the majority of cast members from the Harry Potter movies seem to want to move beyond their film set-filled childhoods and make a name for themselves outside of the wizard-centric franchise, Tom Felton regularly demonstrates that he is just as big of a Potterhead as any member of the massive fandom. ( This is despite his role not making him popular with the ladies back in the day). He regularly indulges in Potter throwbacks and interacts with fans, and apparently the franchise is still a comfort for him in times of need. In some extremely sweet news, Felton’s mom bought him an adorable Harry Potter surprise one time when he was sick.

In a recent Instagram story, Tom Felton shared a little peek into his life as a sick actor taking it easy. The photo features a game of golf on the television, a couple guitars, and a thoughtful care package from dear old Mum that also features a pretty prominent Harry Potter goodie. Take a look for yourself in the photo below, where a chocolate frog sits front and center:

Photo from Tom Felton's Instagram

(Image credit: Tom Felton's Instsagram)

Either Tom Felton’s mom is secretly Remus Lupin, or she has taken some pretty solid advice from the character. Chocolate is basically the werewolf’s cure-all, and he used it to treat Harry after dementor altercations in Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban.

While I sincerely doubt that Tom Felton’s ailment is from a run-in with a happiness-sucking dementor, the chocolate frog from Mama Felton probably did help raise his spirits a little bit... especially since it was of the magical Harry Potter sort. If nothing else, at least now he has a new Famous Witches and Wizards Trading Card (fingers crossed for Agrippa or Ptolemy).

I honestly don’t know what is cuter: that Tom Felton’s mom knows that a Harry Potter-related gift will lift her kid's spirits, or the fact she might have had some chocolate frogs on hand, reserved just for such a purpose. I sincerely doubt she made a special trip to Universal’s Wizarding World attraction just for a sick day gift for her son, although Felton has certainly done it for a Butterbeer

Hopefully the chocolate frog helps Tom Felton recover relatively quickly, because it’s a pretty awkward time for him to fall ill. While the actor has seemingly completed all of the films he has recently been working on, he has some live performances that his hilarious and not-so-Harry Potter-referencing co-stars are depending on him for. He is one of the leads in 2:22: A Ghost Story, which is a play now performing in London.

The actor, like all the Harry Potter cast members, has come a long way since his time acting in the franchise, Felton has had some pretty awesome roles. It is nice, however, that Harry Potter still brings him comfort when he isn’t feeling 100%. Oh, and his indulging mother is awesome as well.

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