Tom Felton's Best Movies And TV Shows And How To Watch Them

Draco Malfoy in Harry Potter.
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I’m going to be 100% honest right now - when I was a little kid, I had the hugest crush on Draco Malfoy. 

Don’t ask me why, I just did. But as I’ve gotten older and much wiser, I think I realized it wasn’t about the character, but rather the actor, Tom Felton. Even now, years later, I can still appreciated the him, and everything he has done, with both Harry Potter and his other work since then. 

Because the Harry Potter reunion and its memorable moments just happened on HBO Max, it got me thinking about the best Tom Felton movies and TV shows, and how many of them I’ve seen. If you’re looking for what he has done that’s currently streaming or that you can rent, be sure to check out these great picks. 

Tom Felton as Draco Malfoy in The Deathly Hallows

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The Harry Potter Series (2001-2011)

The Harry Potter movies are a fantasy series where we follow the titular character, Harry, on his adventures at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, while he learns how to be a wizard, makes friends, and faces terrifying enemies, specifically Voldemort. 

I mean, it’s what you know Tom Felton from, isn’t it? There’s a reason why most of the Harry Potter cast blew up after the movies finished, and it’s because their characters were so beloved for so long, Draco Malfoy included (even Felton has some intense feelings about his character). I mean, I’m pretty sure he’s one of the most loved characters. Have you seen Draco-tok on TikTok? It’s pretty crazy. 

What makes Felton’s portrayal even better is knowing that behind the scenes, the man is a pretty big Potter fan. I can’t tell you how many tweets or posts he has dedicated to the series because of the sheer love he has for not only the story but his character and the fans who love him, as well. It’s truly one of his best. I just wish they had given the man a proper redemption arc. 

Stream The Harry Potter series on HBO Max.
Rent The Harry Potter series on Amazon.

Tom Felton in Rise of the Planet of the Apes.

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Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes (2011)

In this reboot of the classic sci-fi movie, Rise of the Planet of the Apes is the first in a trilogy about a young ape, named Caesar, who is taken home by a human after his mother attacks a scientist. There, he becomes more clever than you ever thought imaginable, and ends up leading an uprising against humans. 

Felton portrays Dodge, one of the caretakers at the shelter that Caesar is put into at one point, and man, is Tom Felton good at playing absolute pieces of scum. You thought that Malfoy was a piece of work, wait until you get a load of Dodge. You’ll be happy he gets what's coming to him near the end of the film, if not for that badass scene where Caesar speaks English for the first time. The sci-fi franchise is spectacular, and truly one of the best modern ones out there. 

Rent Rise of the Planet of the Apes on Amazon.

Tom Felton in Murder in the First.

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Murder In The First (2014-2016)

If you’re looking for a murder mystery series, check out Murder in the First. This crime drama follows strange murders that have far more complicated connections than anyone ever thought there would be, leading to fascinating discoveries. 

In the first season, Tom Felton portrayed Erich Blunt, one of the prime suspects for one of the murders, and it’s refreshing to see him play a role like this that isn’t in a fantasy. It’s a simple murder mystery, but there’s more to the story than there seems to be at first. I also really like how each season takes a look at something that’s completely new, showcasing how deep investigations can go. 

Stream Murder in the First on Hulu.

Tom Felton in From the Rough.

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From The Rough (2012)

Next up, we have this sports drama, From the Rough. This story is based on the real-life tale of Catana Starks, a woman who was a swim coach for the Tennessee State Tigers, and ended up being the first woman ever to guide a group of college men on a golf team to a National Collegiate Minority Championship. 

Tom Felton plays Edward, one of the players on the team, and I’ve always really loved his moments in this movie, alongside the cute romance that his character develops with another. If sports movies are your thing, I think From the Rough would be an inspiring pick to watch for your next movie night, as it not only shows what true perseverance can do, but the legacy it can bring, as well. 

Rent From The Rough on Apple TV.

Tom Felton in Belle.

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Belle (2013)

Next up, we have Belle, a period piece that takes place in England during the eighteenth century, and focuses on the story of a young Black woman who was the illegitimate daughter of Navy captain, following her struggles to adjust to life with his family and the racism she faces. 

Belle is another example of how Tom Felton really knows how to play an asshole - trust me, that’s a compliment, because not everyone can act horrible so easily, but I think with his years of portraying Draco Malfoy, playing James Ashford in Belle was a home run for him. Even so, he does it very well alongside the rest of the cast, creating a super interesting story about a young woman trying to fight for justice and true love. 

Rent Belle on Amazon.

Tom Felton in The Flash.

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The Flash (2016-2017)

The next TV show on this list is the popular CW series, The Flash. This show tells the story of Barry Allen, who is struck by lightning. Due to the severity of his wound, he falls into a coma. When he awakens, however, he is gifted with the power of super-human speed. 

I think everyone at some point has heard of The Flash, as it’s one of the Arrowverse’s most popular shows, and for a time, Tom Felton played the recurring character of Julian Albert, otherwise known as Alchemy. It makes me wonder what they could have done with his character if Felton had stayed in the role for longer, because I genuinely enjoyed watching his interactions with Barry. 

Stream The Flash on Netflix.

Tom Felton in Feed.

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Feed (2017)

Next up, we have Feed, a drama that discusses the power of grief as it tells the story of a young woman who lost her twin brother in a tragic accident, and how it changes her life forever. 

Feed had a relatively small cast, and because of that, each character really got their own chance to shine, including Tom Felton as Matt, the dead brother of the main character, whom she often sees as a ghost in her head. It was so refreshing to see Felton take on a serious, dramatic role where he wasn’t a villain or something that wasn’t fantasy, where he could really show off his acting talent. His moments with Trojan Bellisario (who plays his sister) were the best of the movie, showing that grief can sometimes switch our perception of how we feel seen by others. It’s truly a small gem that more people need to see. 

Rent Feed on Amazon.

Tom Felton in Ophelia.

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Ophelia (2018)

Another period piece on this list is Ophelia, a romantic drama that is based on the character from Hamlet. In this film, we follow the titular character, who is struggling to live her life when everything seems to be falling apart, and needing to choose the right path between true love and her duty. 

Tom Felton plays Laertes, Ophelia’s brother and one of the main characters, and I have to say that he and Ophelia (Daisy Ridley) have some great scenes. Their chemistry works really well and I honestly wish they had been in more scenes together, as you can tell that Laertes truly cares for his sister deeply. Something else that I loved about this movie is that Felton fights a lot with a sword, something I never knew I needed, but love regardless. We need him in more sword fights, Hollywood. 

Stream Ophelia on Netflix.
Rent Ophelia on Amazon.

Tom Felton in Origin.

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Origin (2018)

Next up, we have the YouTube original series, Origin. In this fun sci-fi show, we basically see the human version of the video game, Among Us, in the story of several human strangers who set out to find a habitable world, but soon find out that one of them is not like the others and is dangerous. 

Tom Felton portrays Logan Maine, one of the main characters of Origin, and honestly, is such a breath of fresh air. I can’t believe that this show was cancelled after one season, because it’s just so much fun. It has murder, mystery, space travel, cool effects - what else could you want? I love that Felton was put at the forefront of this and actually plays a hero for once, and it makes me want to watch him in more roles just like this. 

Stream Origin on YouTube.

A Babysitter's Guide To Monsterhunting

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A Babysitter’s Guide To Monster Hunting (2020)

The Netflix original movie, A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting, is a family friendly horror movie that tells the story of Kelly, a normal girl whose life is turned upside down when the kid she is babysitting is stolen by the actual Boogeyman on Halloween. As she tries to find him, she discovers that there is far more to the monster world than just the Boogeyman.

Man, I loved this film. As someone who adores both fun Halloween movies and awesome horror movies, this film was like the perfect combination of both, and Tom Felton as the Boogeyman couldn’t have been better casting. I may talk about how I want to see him in more hero roles but damn, does he rock it as a villain in this. And, that makeup along with the costuming that they put on him - absolutely perfect. 

Stream A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting on Netflix.

Tom Felton as Tony Turner in The Forgotten Battle

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The Forgotten Battle (2020)

Last but not least, we have The Forgotten Battle. This fascinating war movie tells the story of the Battle of the Scheldt in World War 2, and how the lives of three people with intersecting lives, who never would have met before, collide and have to come together to fight for the freedom of the world. 

Tom Felton plays Tony Turner in The Forgotten Battle, and while his appearance wasn’t that long compared to many of the others in this movie, it’s remembered for his moments with his men, and the sacrifices that they make to try and get back to them. The movie itself is really interesting to watch, as well, featuring many Dutch actors who rock it in their roles and help carry this film until the very end. The movie ended up becoming number one on Netflix at the time of its release, so you know that at the very least, everyone else loved it too. 

Stream The Forgotten Battle on Netflix.

Truly, Felton has some range when it comes to movies, and I, for one, can’t wait to see what he comes up with next. Can we get a sequel to A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting? Now that would be some Halloween treat.  

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