The 10 Best Lin-Manuel Miranda Movie Songs, Ranked

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The last decade has truly been great for movie music, but one person that always seems to pop up in my mind – or on my playlist – pretty regularly is Lin-Manuel Miranda. From his start on Broadway to everything he has done thus far in the world of movies, the talented song-writer has come up with some truly amazing music. 

But what are his best? There are so many Lin-Manuel Miranda movie songs, with soundtracks that I could listen to for hours, but these, hands down, are some of the best. For those who want to know – and even those who don’t – these are my top 10 favorite of his songs, starting off with one I’m sure we all know very well. 

Dolores and Mirabel dancing in Encanto

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10. We Don’t Talk About Bruno (Encanto)

I’m going to be honest – I’m not even a huge fan of Encanto. While it felt like the entire internet was loving it in the fall/winter year of 2021, it didn’t sit as well with me as some of the other recent Disney movies. However, it still had some great music in it and a great story – including “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.”

Was the song played to death? Yes. So much yes. I can’t listen to it now without thinking how I basically lived in this song in early 2022. However, just because it was overplayed doesn’t take away the fact that the tune itself is a lot of fun, blending every character from the movie effortlessly and using super fun lyrics. It’s still a bop – regardless of how much it was overplayed

Melissa Barrera in In the Heights.

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9. 96,000 (In The Heights)

I loved the musical In The Heights. I loved it so much and I hated that it came out during the pandemic, because it didn’t get the love that it deserved. That means I can give it the love it deserves now. As a fan who has seen the original musical, I adore “96,000.

While we all know what happens to people who win the lottery (meaning taxes), there’s something so thrilling and fun about hearing what people plan to do with that money and how they would use it to improve their lives. Plus, the blending of all the different musical styles at one point really does it for me at the end; the harmonies sending goosebumps up my arms.

Moana Screenshot

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8. You’re Welcome (Moana)

Who doesn’t love to listen to Dwyane Johnson rap?

Jokes aside, Moana is my favorite Disney soundtrack that Lin-Manuel Miranda has done, hands down, because the songs are just so memorable. This one, “You’re Welcome,” in particular, is one of the best ones, because it flows so damn well. The story of Maui is a great one, filled with catchy rhymes and an unbeatable rap bridge that gets me pumped every time. 

I needed to see more of this in Encanto, because it was just so much fun. 

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Leslie Odom Jr. in Hamilton.

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7. Non-Stop (Hamilton)

The first of a few Hamilton picks on here. While Hamilton is technically a filmed stage production, it's still one of the best movies to watch on Disney+, so it counts here. And, Non-Stop” is a bop – rhyme intended. 

It’s the perfect way to close out the first act of Hamilton, using the story we’ve seen thus far and demonstrating Hamilton’s need to keep climbing up in the world; constantly trying to improve the country and show that he’s more than just some little immigrant. This, paired with the amazing harmonies and the blending of several songs from the first act, is just the song to get you hyped for Act 2. 

Abuela Claudia in In the Heights.

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6. Paciencia Y Fe (In The Heights)

Ugh, this song.

If Miranda hadn’t written so many amazing songs already in his life, this would be number one, because I have a personal connection to “Paciencia y Fe from In the Heights. The song, sung by Abuela Claudia, is all about having patience and faith that what you put into the universe will be paid back to you and that everything you do now will be worth it with patience and faith – at least, that was always how I saw it. 

And, wow, did this song hit me so hard as a young adult. I struggled a lot for a while where I felt that what I was doing with my life wasn’t going anywhere but this song was seriously what helped me through it and reminded me to have “patience and faith” to get through the hard times, and I did. I know I will carry that motto with me to the grave.

Usnavi in In The Heights.

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5. In The Heights (In The Heights)

This was the best song to start off a musical. “In the Heights,” obviously from the titular movie, introduces us to all the characters and their stories and personalities, but it’s done in such a way where it doesn’t feel like an exposition dump. It feels authentically told – as if Usnavi is just speaking to a regular at his corner store, telling them all the gossip about the block. 

I love it. I know all the lyrics to it. And refuse to skip it any time that it is on my playlist. It’s just so good and makes me want to re-watch In the Heights over and over. 

Moana in Moana.

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4. How Far I’ll Go (Moana)

While Moana is not a princess in Moana, this song is one of the best “Disney princess” songs there is, where it introduces you to the main female protagonist and her dreams for the world. And Miranda put everything he had into the lyrics of this song. 

“How Far I’ll Go” was my obsession when I began college in 2016, talking about how destiny calls you and while at first, it might be scary, you just have to take that plunge to see how far you’ll go; to see where “the wind in your sail” takes you. You don’t know what’s lies beyond, but you’re willing to try. It’s so inspiring and I can imagine millions of little girls singing it. 

Luisa and Mirabel in Encanto.

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3. Surface Pressure (Encanto)

Overall, I love Moana more than Encanto. I feel like the animation is better, the characters are better, and the overall songs are more memorable. 

But damn, “Surface Pressure” is amazing

I didn’t think that Luisa was going to be the sibling that I related to the most out of everyone in Encanto, but her song about feeling this pressure as the eldest sibling, always having to be perfect, and admitting to Mirabel that she genuinely is nervous about showing her true colors or how scared she actually is, is so real. 

Every eldest sibling has probably felt this pressure where, under the surface, we don’t want to be held to this high standard but we are, we feel that we must perform. Like, damn. I wasn't expecting Luisa, of all people, to be that deep but she really blew me away. 

Renee Elise Goldsberry in Hamilton.

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2. Satisfied (Hamilton)

Renée Elise Goldsberry sang her head off with this song and yes, Satisfied” from Hamilton is one of my go-to karaoke songs. It’s just written so incredibly well that I can’t help but put it at number two. 

The song is all about her never being satisfied with her life because she’s the eldest sibling (I see a trend here, Miranda) and how she has certain responsibilities that her younger sisters don’t. Enter Hamilton, a man she actually wants but can’t have because he A) doesn’t have any money and B) doesn’t have a place in society. But she is so heartbroken about it. 

The least she can do is sacrifice her own love for Hamilton and give him to her sister, so that way she’d always see him. Just amazing. 

Leslie Odom Jr. in Hamilton.

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1. Wait For It (Hamilton)

I had to put “Wait For It at number one. That one line, “I am inimitable, I am an original,” just sits with me. It’s all about Aaron Burr, who has had a tough life, waiting to see how the wind changes and figuring out what to do with his life from there, deciding that he is going to take control of what he wants to do. 

It’s like speaking to us, saying we don't have to wait for these opportunities in life where we can really shine; that was what Burr was doing for so long – which ultimately led to his downfall. It’s a song that really builds and is unskippable – which is why it needs to be number one. 

While I would include Vivo on this list, as that has some fun songs, these are only the absolute best Lin-Manuel Miranda songs, but be sure to check out that movie on Netflix. Either way, maybe you now have a new song to listen to over and over again – just please, don’t let it be “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” 

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