Hobbs And Shaw: The Best Moments From The Fast And Furious Spinoff, Ranked

If the Fast and Furious movies are anything, they are a series of ridiculously awesome and highly rewatchable action sequences with some character development sprinkled in between. This isn't a bad thing, in fact, it's the reason the movies have only been more and more successful since the The Fast and the Furious was released nearly 20 years ago. And that remains the case for the 2019 Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham spinoff movie Hobbs and Shaw, which took the playbook crafted by the main franchise and stayed the course.

And while Hobbs and Shaw may not be the most inventive, technical, or best example of what the Fast and Furious franchise has to offer, I would be lying if I said that I didn't enjoy myself thoroughly throughout the entire movie. With so many great action sequences, globe-trotting adventures, and yes, even some character development along the way, the big-budget action flick is one hell of an experience. But which moment is best — is it insane finale in Samoa, the skyscraper free-fall sequence, or the hallway fight scene that I just never get sick of seeing, no matter how many times it played in the trailers? Let's find out, shall we?

Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham in Hobbs & Shaw

9. Hobbs And Shaw's Morning Routine Split-Screen

Before we get into the moments packed with so much action I don't know what to do with myself, let's first take a look at the great split-screen scene where we see Dwayne Johnson's Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham's Deckard Shaw go through their morning routines. Instead of having a crazy action scene to show what both characters are about (although we do get there by the end of it), the first minute or so see the two polar opposites essentially doing the same thing but with each having their own way of doing things, which really sets up things that come later in the movie.

Dwayne Johnson, Idris Elba, and Jason Staham in Hobbs & Shaw

8. Hobbs And Shaw Planning Their Escape

Coming next on the list is the scene where Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw are both held captive by Idris Elba's Brixton (wrapped in chains and battery cables that are constantly shocking them) and proceed to tell their captor just how they plan on getting out and what they plan on doing. You really feel the characters' need to one-up their former enemy-turned-partner before their relationship reaches its zenith later on in the movie. Having each character go into great detail about what they're going to do to the henchmen and claiming certain guys never gets old. On top of that, you have people getting attacked with a flamethrower and a white-knuckle chase scene that follows.

Dwayne Johnson and Vanessa Kirby in Hobbs & Shaw

7. Luke Hobbs Interrogates Hattie Shaw

The interrogation scene involving Luke Hobbs and Vanessa Kirby's Hattie Shaw leads into one of the best action sequences in Hobbs and Shaw, but the verbal back-and-forth between the two government agents moves the plot along just as much, if not more than any set piece could. It serves as the starting point for the great relationship the two will have, serves as a way to introduce Hattie and Deckard Shaw as brother and sister, and gives us a hilarious moment of Hobbs talking to his daughter while some lowly CIA analyst is getting his ass handed to him in the background.

Idris Elba and Vanessa Kirby in Hobbs & Shaw

6. The Skyscraper Free-Fall Scene

Next we get the skyscraper free-fall scene that was featured heavily in all of the marketing material, and for good reason. I swear, there are few things that make Idris Elba look like more of a badass than the shot of him (with Hattie Shaw on his back) literally running down a massive skyscraper. Then you have Luke Hobbs and Jason Statham having another back-and-forth moment while each character finds a different way to get down to the ground floor. I could watch this one over and over again (which I have done). Plus, I will never get tired of watching Dwayne Johnson get to the rock bottom of any situation.

Idris Elba in Hobbs & Shaw

5. The Motorcycle Chase Scene

At one point in Hobbs and Shaw, Brixton Lore calls himself "Black Superman," a moniker that would be very fitting for the cybernetic madman, especially after what happens in the memorable motorcycle chase scene through the heart of London. The entire set-piece is impressive enough for the first few minutes of the chase, but when Brixton jumps off his motorcycle, crouches behind it, and guides it underneath a semi, we reach another level of badass. Then he gets back on the bike and continues the chase as if nothing happened. Come on, you know that's awesome.

Jason Statham and Dwayne Johnson in Hobbs & Shaw

4. The Hallway Fight Scene

Before Hobbs and Shaw came out, all anyone could talk about was the hilarious and bone-crushing hallway fight scene that showed the two main characters working their way through separate corridors to unlock a retinal scanner. And even though the scene was featured in essentially every trailer, TV spot, and online video promoting the movie, it was still a big hit when the movie was released. With the combination of physicality and (physical) humor especially when you see Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham playing off one another, it would be impossible not to include it on this list.

Dwayne Johnson in Hobbs & Shaw

3. The Battle In Samoa

Hobbs and Shaw is an action movie, but at its rock-hard center is a story about family, redemption, and new beginnings, an idea that is explored heavily in the third and final act. Knowing that Brixton is going to be bringing a fight, Hobbs goes back to his roots, makes things right with his brother and mother, and prepares for one of the greatest series of action sequences you'll see anywhere but Fast Five. The siva tau followed by the Hobbs and family mopping the floor with Brixton before we reach the grand finale is unlike anything else we've seen in a Fast and Furious movie. Plus, you also have Roman Reigns looking like an absolute unit as Mateo Hobbs.

Idris Elba in Hobbs & Shaw

2. Hobbs And Shaw Take On Brixton

After Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw travel the world to essentially become best friends, they have to put everything they've learned to test for a final showdown with Brixton Lore at the bottom of a cliff. For two guys who once wanted nothing more than to kill one another, these two pull out some impressive tag-team combos that look like something out of the New Japan Pro Wrestling World Tag League. And to top it all off, Hobbs puts Brixton in an impressive German suplex onto a jagged rock while delivering another Superman joke. It doesn't get better than this, or does it?

Dwayne Johnson in Hobbs & Shaw

1. Luke Hobbs Brings Down A Helicopter

What's not to love about two enemies-turned-friends learning to overcome their differences taking out the superman of a terrorist and saving the world? Um, Luke Hobbs bringing down a helicopter by pulling on a chain! Not since Cap pulling down Bucky's chopper in Captain America: Civil War have we seen something so badass go down on a movie screen. Not only does Luke Hobbs throw a chain like a rope and connect with a helicopter, he follows it up by holding onto the damn chain to reattach it to the winch, and then helps pull the sucker down. Nothing, and I mean nothing, will top this.

Well, do you agree that Luke Hobbs going head-to-head with a helicopter is the best moment from Hobbs and Shaw or do you think one of the other moments listed reigns supreme? Make sure to let me know in the comments below and make sure to check back for all the latest on the Fast and Furious franchise here on CinemaBlend.

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