No Big Deal, Just Kevin Hart Chilling With Mark Wahlberg And Regina Hall On The Set Of Their New Netflix Movie

Kevin Hart in Fatherhood
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Watch out Dwayne Johnson, you’ve got some major star power creeping in on your bromance with Kevin Hart! Hart has seemingly been bonding with Mark Wahlberg on the set of their very first film together, and now Girls'Trip star Regina Hall is joining in on the fun. The throuple are working on the new Netflix film Me Time together, and it looks like they are having some great times.

Kevin Hart is a busy man; between his extensive professional career, gym life, and dedicated commitment to his brood of children, it’s amazing that he has time to form lasting bonds with other stars. It doesn’t seem to be a problem for the funny actor, though, because it appears he and Mark Wahlberg have become fast friends. The actor posted a photo of himself with Wahlberg and Regina Hall on Instagram with a caption that makes it sound like they're having a great time together. You can check out the post down below:

The three stars look like they’re having a chill experience on the set of Me Time, mostly likely in between takes or just after a day of filming. In his caption, Hart not only hashtagged the movie, but he also referred to Mark Wahlberg and Regina Hall as “legends" and declared their time together “legendary”. 

While Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg may be new, fast friends, Hart and Regina Hall have been close for quite some time. The two have starred alongside and opposite one another a number of times throughout the years, the most recent being 2014’s About Last Night, where the two played each other’s love interests. That’s not too far off from their on-screen relationship in Me Time, as Hall appears to play Hart’s wife.

The upcoming Netflix movie centers on Kevin Hart’s character, who has some rare time away from his wife and children, who have headed out of town. And eventually, a crazy weekend ensues when he decides to spend his time with an old friend, played by Mark Wahlberg. With a premise like that, it's no wonder Hart and Wahlberg were able to bond so quickly with one another. And considering that they have similar comedic tendencies and share a lot of similarities in their work and lifestyles, I would imagine that the two stars would've become friends at some point, movie or not.

A release date hasn't been announced for Netflix’s Me Time just yet, but it seems likely that it'll hit the streamer sometime in 2022. In the meantime, though, all three stars have plenty of other upcoming and recently released projects. Regina Hall is set to star in the Amazon thriller Master and stars on Showtime's Black Monday. Mark Wahlberg’s recently released film Infinite is streaming on Paramount+, and you can check out Kevin Hart in Netflix’s Fatherhood and watch out for his wild amount of upcoming projects.

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