Dwayne Johnson Has Another Look-Alike, And This One Will Help You Move

Dwayne Johnson in Hobbs and Shaw

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is one of the most recognizable movie stars on the planet. With his giant frame, signature bald head, and one of the most charismatic smiles you’ll ever see, he's definitely got a certain look. The Rock is one of a kind, but he apparently has his imitators. Recently a police officer went viral for looking eerily similar to Johnson, with actor-producer himself responding to his internet law enforcement twin. Now he has another look-alike, and this one will help you move.

Celebrity look-alikes are nothing new, but the fact that Dwayne Johnson has a convincing look-alike that broke the internet for a minute is still surprising, and now there is another. The flood gates of The Rock doppelgangers seem to have opened, and now you can hire The Rock to help you move. My Baggage has capitalized on the new wave of interest in Dwayne Johnson look-alikes with a special promotion about hiring “ The Rock” to move your stuff.

The My Baggage blog presents” The Rock” as ready to help with all of your moving needs in a hilarious post. The doppelganger looks less like The Rock and more like just a bald guy in shades and a police vest. Moving boxes is what keeps this “The Rock” in shape, and if you hire him, you are ensuring that he will stay ripped like the original. He’s trying to shed his pandemic pounds, and the most efficient way is by leading a moving company crew. The blog is pretty entertaining, and now there is another high-profile Dwayne Johnson look-alike.

The real Dwayne Johnson has been developing a new hobby where he surprises Hollywood bus tours making unsuspecting fans the entire day. The Rock is coming off a very successful run with The Jungle Cruise, which was a big success in theaters and on Disney+. A Jungle Cruise sequel has been confirmed, so more The Rock and Emily Blunt is thankfully on the way.

The Rock’s next big movie is coming to Netflix this November in Red Notice, which stars Ryan Reynolds and Gal Gadot, and the trailer looks incredibly action-packed. Johnson will be playing an Interpol agent who has to hunt down the world’s most wanted thief, played by Ryan Reynolds, and that premise sounds pretty perfect. Fans can't wait to see this power trio together on screen.

Dwayne Johnson and his look-a-likes are also gearing up for Black Adam, which keeps getting hyped up by the film’s stars. The Rocks DCEU debut is set to release next year and will absolutely be one of the most anticipated movie events on the calendar. Hopefully, The Rock continues to stick to his regiment of moving boxes to stay superhero fit while we all wait for the release of Black Adam.

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