The Rock Opted For A Midnight Cheat Meal This Week, And I'm So Here For It

Dwayne Johnson looking at Jason Statham in Hobbs and Shaw
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As much as I look forward to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s movie updates and shirtless workout posts, I’ve got to say his mouthwatering cheat meal posts are stealing all his other thunder lately. Johnson has been sporadically sharing his cheat meals, courtesy of the alignment he coins as “the fuck its”, and they look utterly amazing. Now, his latest culinary masterpiece is a sweet midnight cheat meal, and I’m 100% here for it.

I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few months time, Dwayne Johnson announces he's releasing his very own cook book, because it’s clear the man can eat (he quite literally has to consume a ton of food) and loves himself some cheat meals. With as much work that goes into his massive form, though, you can’t really blame the guy. 

In his latest Instagram post, we see what The Rock has been cooking up at midnight. The star gives fans pretty much a front row seat in his kitchen, as he explains his latest case of “fuck its” and shows us four squares of crumb cake that is seemingly acting as his midnight snack. You can see the entire post containing the glorious “meal” below:

I mean, seriously, if the super obvious, coincidentally perfect cookbook title (“Smell What The Rock is Cooking”) isn’t enough to convince you and the rest of the world that Dwayne Johnson needs to release one, just look at that perfect, fresh from the oven, crumb cake. It looks absolutely delightful. Also, he’s baking that at midnight? The man is basically a 6′ 5″ Martha Stewart.

If the action star has always cooked and baked the way he has been showing off on social media lately, I’m shocked the man doesn’t already have a few cookbooks on shelves already. They’d be top sellers for sure, but the actor is plenty busy without adding a book deal into the mix.

Dwayne Johnson is already killing it in the film industry with a string of highly successful movies, and it honestly feels like everything he puts out is gold. Johnson can do no wrong, and the world seemingly adores him. In fact, I don’t think I would trust a person if they told me they had beef with Johnson. He’s basically the new gold-standard. 

If you like the actor (really, who doesn't?), he has plenty of projects in the works. Maybe the most anticipated Dwayne Johnson film, both by fans and the actor himself, is Black Adam. Luckily, the DC film is one of the upcoming movies releasing in 2022, and we only have to wait until July 29th to catch it in theaters. Who knows, maybe we’ll even be graced by a cheat meal cookbook announcement by then. At the very least, though, I’m at least hoping for more videos detailing the delicious meals Johnson puts away on his cheat days. 

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