The Rock’s Not Huge Into Sharing Workouts, But He Made An Exception For This Difficult-Looking Chain Exercise

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It takes a lot of work to look like Dwayne Johnson. That’s probably not all that shocking, but the fact is that we don’t actually know what it takes to look like The Rock because the man rarely posts his actual workouts for other people to see. But he’s made a rare exception, and… yeah, it’s pretty hardcore.

Dwayne Johnson posted a brief clip to Instagram of himself in his home gym, what he calls the “Iron Paradise.” He’s working on his arms but he’s doing it with a pretty massive chain wrapped around his neck and shoulders. It’s not the sort of workout a lot of us are going to be able to do, but then that’s why he’s The Rock. 

The fact is that Dwayne Johnson has said in the past that he intentionally doesn’t post his workouts because he knows the things he does are things most people just won’t be able to do. And not just because he's already a massive human being who is lifting more than most of us ever will. 

He has a state-of-the-art home gym and the rest of us simply don’t have access to that sort of equipment. There’s not much point in knowing what Dwayne Johnson’s daily workout is because you probably can’t do it even if you’re perfectly willing. While you don't need the gear to get in shape, if your goal is to do what The Rock does, you need the gear, and to have that you need the millions of dollars he has.

And most of us probably don’t have access to a massive chain like that. Can you order that on Amazon? Nevermind, that I likely couldn’t stand up straight with it on, much less lift my body, but I wouldn’t know where to go to get it. The post is a promotion for The Rock’s line of Under Armour clothing, the man has so many side hustles, but he’s selling the outfit, not the chain. 

Dwayne Johnson is already built like a brick wall but that doesn’t mean the man can take it easy. Simply maintaining his physique takes work, but beyond that he’s even had to push himself recently in order to get the body he has needed for his day job. When Johnson finally got to film Black Adam he wanted to look every bit the superhero and so he pushed himself even harder than he usually does. 

Still, watching Dwayne Johnson do that is pretty inspiring. If you’re not one who works out regularly, seeing this probably makes you want to do so. Though knowing that it takes a while to get to where he is makes it maybe less exciting,

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