The Sweet Way Jennifer Lopez, Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck Are Celebrating Their Blended Families This Holiday Season

Being a celebrity is a double edged sword; while it comes with fame and fortune, it can also make one’s personal life into a very public matter. The trio of Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner, and JLo know this all too well, as there have been countless headlines about Affleck’s relationships with both A-listers. Fans have been especially curious to see how Garner and Lopez are getting along, and how the two families are intermingling. And there’s a sweet way that this trio of stars are celebrating their blended families this Holiday Season.

The public was shook when Bennifer reunited a few months ago, and started being photographed together. Eventually Affleck and JLo tied the knot in Vegas, before having a weekend-long celebration with their famous friends. Since then fans have been curious to see how Jennifer Garner and Lopez are getting along, and it sounds like things are festive for the holidays. An anonymous source close to them revealed to Hollywood Life that they’ve been getting along great, and are even spending some holiday time together. As they put it,

They’ll be exchanging gifts this year for Christmas, they’ve got a great rapport. There’s a real mutual respect and appreciation because of the kids.

How sweet is that? It sounds like Jennifer Lopez and Jennifer Garner have been getting quite close lately, even texting on their own about their kids. And things have moved forward so much that they’re reportedly going to be exchanging gifts for the holidays. Talk about goals.

This latest report is sure to turn a few heads, and seemingly shows that the two families in the Garner/Affleck/Lopez dynamic are seemingly getting much closer. Both sets of kids were present during Bennifer’s wedding, although the Alias star was noticeably missing. But if this update is to be believed, the Jens are teaming up in a sweet way.

Part of why so many folks are so interested in how Ben Affleck’s two wives are interacting is due to the long and storied history both women have had with the actor/filmmaker. Bennifer’s first attempt at a relationship was largely associated with paparazzi and the press. Meanwhile Garner and Affleck had kids, and she has been super supportive of him during his struggles with substance abuse. Now it looks like they’ve both come together to blend families, and have even developed their own type of friendship. It certainly warms the heart, especially as so many folks out there are struggling to be with their family during the Holiday Season.

Professionally, all three A-listers have definitely been keeping busy. Jennifer Garner has three upcoming projects coming down the line, in addition to her recent role in The Adam Project. JLo’s Shotgun Wedding will arrive January 27th, and Ben Affleck will return as Batman in The Flash on June 16th. In the meantime, check out the 2023 movie release dates to plan your trips to the movies in the New Year. 

Corey Chichizola
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